INSECURITY: Pres. Buhari, Before Seeking Outside help, search deaper within Nigerians at Home & in the Diaspora – Ugochukwu Nwaokoro

Nigerians in Nigeria & in the Diaspora are more than capable of helping correct Nigeria’s insecurity issues.

Honesty and sincerity of purpose needed for the Federal Government to defeat insecurity.

President Buhari, before you seek foreign help, give chance to competent Nigerians first! Hire competent Nigerians, even from the diaspora to help run the country. Nigerians in the diaspora are all over the world performing wonders in their host countries, and yet the Nigerian government cannot figure out how to put them to good use to benefit the country. Why are the elements in the Nigerian government so adamant in pursuing religious and ethnic agenda that can never be achieved in a modern day Nigeria, rather it will break Nigeria apart as we know it today?

How does a section of Nigeria run the country down and expect the rest of the other stakeholders to keep quiet while they destroy our country? What makes them think that they have a higher and superior stakehold than other Nigerians? Why do they create so much insecurity in the land and yet turn around to kill Nigerian citizens trying to protect themselves since the Nigerian government has failed its primary duty of protecting lives and properties of citizens? How do you rubbish governance and make nonsense of it and yet force people to remain under same jungle arrangement and expect them not to agitate for self governance?

Seeking for foreign help comes with heavy prices. Why do we need to pay those prices when we haven’t exhausted the natural God-given talents in Nigeria? Bringing in foreign help might sound good now, but it’s only a temporary fix if at all the incompetent Nigerians that will be giving them instructions will let them work.

The problem with Nigeria is not how to solve a problem but letting a qualified and competent hand solve the problem. Who in Nigeria doesn’t know why Boko Haram, the bandits and Fulani herdsmen are having a field day killing, maiming, raping, kidnapping, burning villages and destroying farms in Nigeria? Government agents even know where these terrorists and criminals are and their agents even go to negotiate with them. We don’t need foreigners to come and help us fish them out!

As long as these terrorists, bandits and criminals have sympathizers and incompetent people in the Nigerian government, the problems will never be solved and Nigeria will continue to deteriorate.

It’s come time to start telling ourselves the truth if we want to continue as one nation. The first thing we must do is to start running Nigeria as a country with common interest and purpose; then we must make sure that every part of the federation has the right to benefit and prosper from Nigeria. WE MUST RESTRUCTURE NOW BEFORE THAT WILL NO LONGER BE AN OPTION!

– Ugochukwu Nwaokoro
Newark, New Jersey, USA

Ugochukwu Nwaokoro is the President /CEO of African Diaspora For Good Governance.

He was a Deputy Mayor of the City Of Newark, New Jersey. USA.

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