Rivers gov, Wike identifies Nigeria’s major problems, warns of country crash-landing

The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has identified politicization of everything and pervasive injustice as the two major problems facing Nigeria.

Wike said this while stressing that insecurity continues to thrive in Nigeria because the authorities have refused to listen to the cries for justice.

Speaking in Port Harcourt, the state capital, yesterday, Wike warned that if attention was not paid to justice, Nigeria “may crash-land”.

According to him: “Although I lack the intellectual impetus to join issues with the learned Professor, but for me, Nigeria’s problems, which are largely self-inflicted, can be reduced to two: the politicization of everything and pervasive injustice.

”Over the years, we have allowed the entire governing system to be corrupted by banal politics and the courage to do what is right and fair to all parts of the country had since departed.

”As a result, we are increasingly become insensitive or rather impervious to the injustices and the horrific happenings in our country that have reduced our humanity.

“In our case, everyone is crying out for justice and because we’ve as a nation blocked our ears and hearts to the deafening cries for justice, peace has become a rare commodity in our country. a rare commodity.

”My take is that we are going nowhere as a country; we will continue to run round in circles and possibly crash-land in a very hard way unless we change our narratives about justice because peace or peaceful co-existence cannot be decreed in a multi-cultural society such as ours, or in any society at all. It is only a real sense of justice that can command and guarantee enduring peace, patriotism and solidarity in Nigeria.”