President Buhari failed in scurity, corruption, economy – N’Delta group

A Niger Delta group, the Centre for Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Crusade, CHURAC, has taken an appriasal of the first term of the current federal government, stating that President Muhammadu Buhari has failed in his three focal areas of security, fighting corruption and the economy.

The group stressed that the president failed in his terms of his performances in office, warning that “the country should not continue in this miserable path in his second term”.

It claimed that Buhari’s first tenure has been characterised by economic repression, ethnocentrism, nepotism, lack of parity in the composition of government, gross abuse of human rights, persecution of old-time enemies as well as political rivals in the name of anti-corruption war as well as unbridled abuse of all known democratic ethos.

This was contained in a statement signed and made available to DAILY POST in Warri by the CHURAC’s national president, Cleric E. Alaowei, Esq, ahead of President Buhari’s inauguration for second term in office on Wednesday.

CHURAC said further, “The vain-glory and ego-boasting achievements in the four years of office by President Muhammadu Buhari is rather a mishmash of economic disaster, which has been ennobled as achievements by the sugar-coated propaganda of image laundering being anchored in the present Government.

“However, in the real sense, the Government’s celebrated achievements are democratic attrition to the nation.”

“This APC led-Government after mesmerizing Nigerians with its edited but failed to be executed 2015 campaign promises to entrust the Party with their votes, has shown that it’s four years was far worst than the PDP’s sixteen years rule.

“One eventful but excuses-coated four years have gone down the drain, yet this APC Government of propaganda has not formulated and or implemented any policy to recoup Nigerians of the mass feelings of distrust and gross incompetence displayed by the Government to pilot the affairs of the nation.

“High point of the Government’s shenanigan is its decision to go back to the APC’s vomit when the later was in opposition.

“The then opposition party, (APC), now groping around for help at the alter of governance, spared no minute in rebuking and reproving the PDP led-Government over the removal of fuel subsidy.

“We are surprised why this APC led-Government find the fuel subsidy removal parody as its best democracy gift to the economically pauperised and beleaguered Nigerians in his first term?

“Despite the social pariahs former President Jonathon’s Government was being subjected to, the Buhari’s Government is virtually doing everything left on the table of governance by the immediate past PDP led-Government.

“Prominent among those areas are the railway and road constructions which the present Government is celebrating as its achievements.

“The few self-serving, jingoistic and esoteric policies of this Government have not only polarised the Country along ethnic/religious lines but it has also plunged the Country into economic recess thereby elicited an unprecedented double digits inflationary rates.

“There is hardship everywhere in the Country although the Presidency said the Government has delivered in its first term. The question is: what are the achievements in Buhari’s first term?

“Insecurity is worst compared to the PDP’s era. The Government’s lackadaisical attitude in confronting the identified causes of the various ethno-religious crisis headlong has escalated the scourge of insecurity.

“While Fulani herdsmen are being tagged as the world’s fourth dangerous terrorist group by the International Terrorism Index, the same people who are waging a genocidal war against other Nigerians are being pampered by the Government of Mohammadu Buhari.

“Also, a good number of Boko Haram members who arrested and tried by the previous government of Goodluck Jonathan were released by the Government of the day who were alleged to have been granted amnesty. However, the same acclaimed repented terrorists have gone back to the trenches to embolden the Boko Haram jihads.

“Similarly, another factor that seemed to be escalating insecurity in the land under this Government was the Buhari’s ill-conceived decision to appoint top security positions from only one ethnic group/religion together with his resolve to keep them in office despite the fact they have overstayed their statutory years in office.

“On corruption, though it is fighting the menace with a determined vigor, the Government’s lukewarm attitude to the official corruption involving his appointees and political associates has proven to be a major setback to his avowal.

“Nigeria under Buhari is more corrupt than the Jonathan’s government. This position has been testified by the Transparency International through its yearly analysis of official corruption among countries in the world. Its Global Corruption Perception Index on Nigeria being released in 2018 and 2019 has shown that the Country has moved from its earlier position in 2014 when Buhari took over the Government.

“Transparency International rating of the Country’s Global Corruption Perception Index of 2017 but was released in 2018 which placed Nigeria at 148th position. However, in the 2018 report which was released in 2019, Nigeria moved to 144th from 148th in Transparency International latest corruption perception index worldwide.

“The Country made the four notch jump without improving its score of 27 out of a possible 100 as recorded in 2017. This is ironically an upward movement from its earlier position of 136th in 2014 under the PDP government.