Olumba Olumba’s Spokesman speaks on move to establish Fulani Radio

The spokesperson of the Brotherhood of the Star, Ambassador Edet Archibong, has reacted to the move by the federal government to establish a Fulani Radio Station.

Speaking with WE4WE REPORTS on phone, Ambassador Archibong said “Let us believe that the establishment of the Radio Station is likely to be for enlightenment.

“It is just like saying we want everybody to be Christian but those who are not Christian will not be happy about it. But what I am saying is that; let us be sure that, that is their aim.

He said, “Without government coming out openly and pronounced the Islamization of the country, we should not express any fear.

“As a Christian organization, we have to obey the government of the day, because they are kept there by God, so we support them until we see that they are actually doing things that are outrightly against our interest and we proof it to be so, then we can protest that is my take.

The Clergy said that the government has its own programme, they have their ways of doing things. “If we see that the content is intended to Islamized us then, we can say no, but for now, we should not overheat the policy.

“Christian should go about their normal business and watch out if they see that, that thing has been done and in that way, infringing on our right, that is when we should react. Don’t forget that God is in control of the county.

The Spokesperson, however, noted “There are so many people in the ruling government who are not Muslims, there are people in the Federal Executive Council who are not only Muslims, they cannot sit down and Islamize Nigeria.

“To me, I don’t think we should look into that direction, let they come out and explain that they want to Islamize Nigeria, there and then we shall react but for now, we just take it as government was trying to get a group more informed,” he stated.