Why Buhari didn’t campaign for APC candidates after his re-election – Presidency

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Personal Assistant on New Media, Bashir Ahmad, has revealed why the president did not campaign for candidates of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the states after the presidential election.

Ahmad said the president did not campaign for APC after his re-election because “he wanted to leave the people to express their will”.

Buhari was accused of not doing enough to help his party to win governorship elections after his re-election.

However, the presidential aide stated that Buhari never wanted the victories of the party’s governorship candidates to be attributed to his influence.

In a series of tweets, Ahmad said Buhari initially wanted to visit some states to campaign “but changed his mind insisting Nigerians should be allowed to vote whoever they wanted without his (Buhari’s) influence”.

“In politics you can never be fair to all at the same time; APC wanted #PMB to visit some states after presidential election to campaign for some candidates of the party, all set, last minute he canceled and said people should be allowed to vote for whoever they want, but not because of him.”

“After the governorship election on March 9th, some candidates of his APC and their supporters weren’t happy, they blamed him for not doing enough to help his party to win, while opposition were hailing him, saying that he’s a President for all and that’s how it should be.”

He also disclosed that few days to the supplementary election, “efforts were made to make the president record a short video calling for support for APC candidates but the president declined.”

“Few days to supplementary elections, we wanted President Buhari to record a short video asking people to come out and vote for candidates of his party, the APC, which is very right, again he declined and issued a statement saying that people should vote leaders of their choice.

“In short; for elections which President Buhari isn’t even on the ballot paper, he has received blames both from his party and opposition, all because he decided not to interfere in the process.

“In politics, when one side is hailing you, the other will be blaming you,” he added.