Man accidentally kills mother with a plank during a fight in Enugu state

A septuagenarian, Mrs Cecilia Attah, has been killed by her son at Nru, Nsukka, Enugu State.

It was discovered that Mrs Attah was killed, on Wednesday, by her son who used a plank to hit her on the head.

Shortly after killing his mother, the suspect ran to the nearby Nsukka Police Station to report that his brother wanted to kill him.

The deceased is said to be the mother of a priest, Rev Fr. Nobert, who is currently on sabbatical in the U.S, with Athanasius Igwenagum Attah, 54, as the eldest.

Athanasius, a panelbeater, was seen at Nsukka Police Station, yesterday, making a statement over the issue.

A senior police officer said that the death was accidental, as Mrs Attah was trying to separate two of her sons, who were quarrelling, when one of them killed her.