Forbes ranks Kanye West world’s richest rap artiste

According to Forbes, Kanye West top the 2019 list, edging out JAY-Z who earned $81m and Drake who made $71m, to clinch the second and third positions respectively on the list of top 20.

JAY-Z has always been one of the top earners in hip-hop, but for the first time ever he has lost out to Kanye West, his former protégé.

The top ten consists entirely of male hip-hop artists, as Eminem, DJ Khaled, Kendrick Lamar, Migos, and Childish Gambino rounded out the rest of the list.

The only female artists to make it into the top 20 are Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, who came in at number 12 and 13 respectively.

Nicki Minaj made $29m earnings, and Cardi B, the youngest to make the list at 26, raked in $28m in earnings.

See the top 20 list below:

  1. Kanye West – $150m
  2. Jay-Z – $81m
  3. Drake – $75m
  4. Diddy – $70m
  5. Travis Scott – $58m
  6. Eminem – $50m
  7. DJ Khaled – $40m
  8. Kendrick Lamar – $38.5m
  9. Migos – $36m
  10. Childish Gambino – $35m
  11. J. Cole – $31m
  12. Nicki Minaj – $29m
  13. Cardi B – $28m
  14. Swizz Beatz – $23m
  15. Meek Mill – $21m
  16. Birdman – $20m
  17. Future – $19.5m
  18. Nas – $19m
  19. Wiz Khalifa – $18.5m
  20. Pitbull – $18m.