Traditional religion adherents insist they can cure COVID-19, reveal herbs

Traditional religion adherents under the umbrella of Traditional Religion Worshipers’ Association of Oyo State (TRWASSO) on Friday declared that the association was currently working on herbal solutions for the prevention and cure of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

TRWASSO made this known while meeting with the Oyo State government representatives at the state Secretariat, Ibadan.

TRWASSO’s Secretary, Chief Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode who insisted that pandemic and virus was as old as human being, noted that the association was currently working on local herbs and remedies that will prevent and cure coronavirus.

Fakayode who flanked with President of the association, Surveyor Dasola Fadiran Adefabi, Chief Kusannu Faleye, Akoda of Oyo, Chief Awotoye Adedeji, Balogun Awo Ogbomoso, Chief Abidoye Fakayode, Araba of Egbeda Local Government and Priest Okunade Adigun, Akoda of Lanlate, noted that Nigeria should borrow the Madagascar example which has produced local herbs to tackle coronavirus.

“We are working on herbal remedies and solutions to this coronavirus that is ravaging the whole world. We have said it many times that there is a traditional solution to this coronavirus.

“We are here to contribute our own quota to the development of our state and Nigeria in general. We are here to donate some protective items to the state government to tackle coronavirus.

“Pandemic is as old as human being. It has been existing and our fathers have found a cure. Pandemic is not a new thing in the world. When the pandemic broke out, we proposed to the government what can be done to prevent and cure it. We issued press statements. Government needs to collaborate with us to get the solution ready.

“We have said it many times, and we proposed to the government what can be done. We proposed the use of Akoko leaves, we can hang it at the front of our house to repel the virus. To sanitize our body, we can use palm wine, lettuce and bitter leaves.

“People should squeeze ẹ̀fọ́ yánrin (wild lettuce) and ẹ̀fọ́ ewúro (bitter leaf) inside palm wine and drink responsibly. It can also be rubbed on the body as sanitizer. Also, daily consumption of gúgúrú (Popcorn) is recommended.

“In Madagascar, they are now using herbal remedy; that shows that herbs can prevent and cure coronavirus pandemic.

“We are working on our own herbal remedy for prevention and cure of coronavirus.”