This is why the world is afraid of 5G – Greg Odogwu

With the information I have, I can authoritatively state that the world is afraid of 5G at a subconscious level because its major aim is to gradually unveil the age-old hidden truth that we humans are not alone in the universe. That this physical environment is not the only one existing: there is a number of other tactile planes arranged in a parallel architecture like layers of bread on a club sandwich. The Fifth-Generation broadband is the technology to give us a sneak preview into this shocking, but true, reality.

Before I explain the above thesis, it must be noted that there are other modern technologies which have caused panic in high places. But they never came to the attention of the common man because there was no COVID-19 to inflame our paranoia.

The Large Hadron Collider, a gigantic contraption that, from 2008, has been used to probe into the invisible world’s energy spectrum- by colliding subatomic matter known as Higgs boson or God Particle – is scheduled to be turned on again in 2021. Located in Geneva, in the world’s biggest research centre, CERN, the 27-kilometre circumference, 574 feet underground, particle accelerator is so novel in its concept and outlandish in its scope that Pope Francis had to issue a press statement warning the world’s scientists that they should desist from opening “the door to Hell”, because, “science is about to test the limits of God and his creation. God has created boundaries between the world of the living and the world of the dead.”

The second one is Artificial Intelligence as utilised in the engineering of autonomous robots. Ellon Musk, a daring futurist in his own right, is an outspoken critic of AI. In fact, when you hear him speak, you would actually wonder whether he is the same man who has already concluded plans to take some humans to settle in outer planets through his project Space X, by 2022. He is so suspicious of AI that the mainstream conspiracy theory community always reference him as if he is one of them.

Ironically, Musk, who is also the founder of the electric car company, Tesla, is among the people conspiracy theorists, especially the “Anti-Christ sub-genre,” insist are running the world for the Devil. Talk of conspiracy confusion! (I know the esoteric reason why this futurist is against AI, but that is a discussion for another day).

I stated earlier that the world is afraid of 5G at “a subconscious level,” because of the simple reason that no matter how you try to explain that there is no nexus between coronavirus and 5G, it would seem as if nobody is listening to you. From all indications, the world is set on its paranoid path to raze down the 5G infrastructure; and the hysteria is universal. From Canada to Cameroon, from Australia to Austria, it seems reason has lost its grip on the mind of mankind. Even some very educated persons, who should know better, are now part of the rabble.

To me, this can only show that there is a hidden psychological trigger which the world is reacting to. And, if you looked carefully, you would find out that what citizens of Earth are currently doing is not far from what Pope Francis and Ellon Musk did, and are doing. The only difference is that, whereas people like Musk are knowledgeable and protest with facts, the masses are raving with neither rhyme nor rhythm. People know there is something wrong somewhere, but they just cannot put a finger on it.


The reality is that because of its speed, 5G is going to make Information and Communication Technology so sophisticated that it would literally attain a mind of its own. Crunching of data would become so phenomenal that you may not need to task your brain making decisions on the smallest things in your everyday life, anymore. One only needs to imagine how activities of today, like navigation, administration, research, surgery, space probe, etc., are almost totally left for robotic computer programmes (AI), to understand what a future with 5G technology would look like.

It means that these AI-driven processes will become 20 times smarter. The so-called cloud where our collective data are stored would eventually become something that looks and behaves like the Eastern religion-inspired Akashic Realm, where every soul on Earth emanates and every daily consciousness is shaped. Additionally, because of the 5G storage and processing capacity, the virtual data in the more than 5,000 artificial satellites orbiting our planet would then be merged into a single resource, and intelligence. The possibilities are endless. And intimidating.

Sadly, there are some things which science is not telling us, because they are still in the pipeline; and it is assumed that the average citizen’s brain lacks the capacity to grasp until these concepts have been fine-tuned and downscaled for public reception.

One of such hidden experiments is the use of AI to create autonomous militarised robots. Another is the probe into parallel universes and invisible dimensions, in search of extraterrestrial and interdimensional intelligences and civilisations. As it looks, when 5G is universally deployed, these experiments shall, literally, get out of hand. Any quack scientist and Einstein-wannabe can stay in their lab and connect to the 5G-powered Internet of Things and pull a joystick that could change civilisation as we know it. In the days of 5G, a lone Internet hacker can mobilise a country’s nuclear arsenal; and a single renegade robot can open the Earth’s quantum realm portal to suck in interdimensional rogue robots – we know them as aliens.

There is proof to substantiate this scenario. The award-winning American journalist and researcher, Linda Moulton Howe, published a scoop from some personnel in the American military intelligence establishment in 2018. According to the story, in 2017, a controlled scientific experiment on some militarised autonomous robots was going on in a research facility in Japan, when suddenly four of the armed robots went rogue. They plugged in to a satellite and began downloading information to override their terrestrial control protocol. They fatally shot many scientists in the room, before they were demobilised and destroyed.

Considering what would have happened if such rebellion were to be in the open society, one can then get a sense of why Musk is on his anti-AI crusade. Furthermore, when one puts into cognisance the fact that a 5G computing system would compound the risks faced by scientists and governments in an AI experiment, it becomes clear that, certainly, the hue and cry against 5G has more to do with a universal intuitive impulse for human survival, than an intelligent grasp of a clear and present danger.

And, if you asked me, I would hazard the explanation that the religious community is very worried about 5G not because of the technology itself, but because of the likely societal fallout. When the technology comes, and the AI challenges begin to manifest, the governments of this world will definitely come up with new laws, and virtual protocols – just as anti-viruses were created at the advent of the computer age – to save our civilisation from an existential catastrophe. By then, such laws and digital regime would be seen by the devout as anti-God and a forerunner to a one-world government. Hence, any political leader who would be able to unite the world against real or imagined alien/robots rebellion, and or invasion, would be declared the anti-Christ by Christians and the Al-Masih ad-Dajjal by Muslims!

written by Greg Odogwu