Nnamdi Kanu ENGAGED In a New York/New Jersey Townhall Meeting, June 30 2019


A Call to attend

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader

The leader of the indigenous People of Biafra (I.P.O.B), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu would be at an IPOB New York/New Jersey hosted Townhall meeting to be held on Sunday, June 30, 2019 at Crowne Plaza, JFK Airport, 138-10 135th Ave, Jamaica, New York. 11436 from 12 P.m to 8 Pm.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been touring the U.S.A, starting last month, May 30 at a Biafra Remembrance day ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia. embarking on what most people consider to be a diplomatic offensive, the IPOB leader has criss-crossed the entire U S, meeting with leaders of various government and private agencies/groups as well as various noteworthy individuals. He was recently paid a visit by the leader of the Igbo Socio Cultural group, World Igbo Congress. He also recently received the leader of Ambazzonia, a freedom seeking sector of Southern Cameroon.

World Igbo Congress is steadily getting back it’s once largely enjoyed popularity and support among the youth and freedom fighting sectors of the Igbo population, especially now that Ohanaeze Ndigbo and it’s leader, Nnia Nwodo are widely perceived to have lost their once popular standing amongst the same Youth and freedom fighting sectors of the Igbo Population after the Ohanaeze and the 5 S.E governors were widely fingered to have collaborated with the ruling cabal in seeking for Nnamdi Kanu’s elimination and in giving a green light to the infamous 2017 Nigeria Army’s “Operation Python dance” exercise across the entire South East region of NIgeria. Many believe the Python dance was an undercover operation designed specifically to kill Nnamdi Kanu and effectively cut down IPOB  as Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB’s popularity had soared after Nnamdi Kanu’s release from the Kuje Prison.

The New York/New Jersey Townhall meeting follows those hosted recently in Canada, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Texas and others. The New Jersey IPOB coordinator, Mazi Chijioke Onyechege said, “We are glad to be hosting  ‘Onye ishi’ (Nnamdi Kanu) and his entourage. We are very excited about the progress we are making towards the restoration of Biafra and we are most encouraged by the support and participation of people of Biafran descent and Freedom loving People of the world. I also salute the work of my New York Counterpart, Coordinator David Ezekwesili”.

A few Biafran  groups like the Igbo Solidarity Movement, Umuada Igbo, Umuada Ndigbo, Odinma Anaedo, Anaedo (Senior), Prestige Circle, Enyioma Club, the Igbo  empowerment Union have been invited and are expected to be in attendance. High Chief Titus “Nmaagha” Osuagwu, Oyibo Achebe, Obiọma Achara, Dr Ken Igwe, Prof Awa and a few other surviving New Jersey and New York based veterans of the Biafran war are also expected to be in attendance.

A social organizer based in New Jersey, Mazi Friday Val (Abacha) Offor said, “I’m glad that the younger Biafrans are finally begining to listen and understand the message about Biafra and its restoration. We are grateful  to We4We Media and it’s CEO, Mazi VAL Frakas Mo’Fire Amadi for helping utilize their media platform in the spread of the message of truth and liberation”. Mazi Val Frakas Mo’Fire Amadi (We4We Media boss) said, ” ‘Freedom loving’   for the most part  only basically requires you to be alive in order to ‘participate’ but ‘freedom fighting’ requires additional strength, courage, uprightness, power of conviction, tolerance, tenacity of purpose and a lot more in order for one to ‘participate’ and that’s why there are very few freedom fighters around the world today but billions of freedom lovers. When we work harder in teaching and creating awareness and understanding of the prerequisites  of sustained,  longer lasting freedom to the larger ‘freedom loving’ population, we would grow the “freedom fighting’ population more and we would have a much happier world with sustained freedom, peace and tranquility. All freedom lovers Should try equally  toh a decent amount of “freedom fighting” spirit in them so we can create a better society. Let’s encourage all true freedom fighters around the World that fight for just causes.”

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