Nigerian man commends EFCC for cracking N45M property scam

A Nigerian man has written a letter of commendation to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC for it’s swift and effective intervention in a messy N45 million property scam.

Below is the full letter:

I wish to express my profound gratitude to EFCC for the diligence and quick intervention in the recovery of the title documents of my property and from preventing the documents from being cloned.
Mr Ifeanyi Christian Ikewete with phone number +2348177776654, bought a property from me at the sum of N45m. But few months later, he called that he needed back his money as he was no longer interested in the property. I told him his money was intact and requested him to bring back my title documents and collect his money. Alas! He said no, that my title documents were in London and that I should credit his account first and whenever he went back to London, he would send my documents by courier. I said no, he kept harassing and intimidating me to credit him, but I wouldn’t be bothered. When he eventually went back to London, instead of sending my documents to collect his money he resorted to writing a trumped-up petition to the EFCC’s Zonal Office Enugu. At the Commission, I narrated my story and both parties were invited to come on a particular day. On the appointed day, I came with the N45m bank drafts and he was absent. When the Commission called his number he told them he was still in London that they should collect the money from me. The Commission asked him about my documents and he said he would bring them whenever he was in Nigeria. The Commission was angry, and told me to hold my bank drafts until he was around. A new date was given to us and he eventually showed up.
I gave him the drafts of N45m even though I received only N41m as his younger brother and agents collected N4m as their agency fee. He wrote an undertaking before the Commission that the documents he handed over to me were the same originals I gave to him. But outside the Commission, he boasted that he will deal with me and reclaim the property from me.
I cannot thank the Commission enough because if not for their vigilance, Mr Ifeanyi Christian Ikewete wanted to eat his cake and have it. He wanted to collect his money and keep my land. What do I mean; about 3months later, one Uche Patrick Chikere, showed-up with documents which he claimed were the title documents of my property. I quickly rushed back to the Commission and he was arrested. Upon interrogation, he admitted the documents were not originals, but were copies he found in his late brother’s room which a certain lawyer told him that his brother used the land to borrow money from a man based in London. He later pleaded for forgiveness.
I still believe that it was Mr Ifeanyi Christian Ikewete that gave copies of my documents to Patrick Chikere because upon personal investigation I discovered that Mr Ifeanyi Christian Ikewete does not have any visible means of livelihood. If not for the intervention of the Commission, Mr Ifeanyi Christian Ikewete would have collected his money and held on to my documents. Also, if not for the quick intervention of the Commission, Mr Ifeanyi Christian Ikewete would have used Patrick Chikere to claim ownership of my property with forged documents. Only God knows how many victims have fallen prey to Mr Ifeanyi Christian Ikewete’s antics.
I remain eternally grateful to the Commission.
Thank you sir,