NFF defends Aigbogun over bribery allegations

The Nigeria Football Federation has doused allegations that Flying Eagles coach, Paul Aigbogun, received bribe from players he selected for the U-20 World Cup in Poland.

A media report also claimed some of the players were forced on Aigbogun for the tournament, which caused infighting among the technical crew during the tournament.

“It has come to the notice of the Nigerian Football Federation that spurious messages have been doing the rounds on social media with the aim of denting the image of the Flying Eagles coach, Paul Aigbogun and by extension the NFF,” a tweet on the official Twitter handle of the NFF reads.

“In as much as the NFF understands Nigerians are not happy about the exit of the Flying Eagles from the U-20 World Cup in Poland, it is imperative that the federation clear the air on the rumours.

“At no time did Paul Aigbogun give such interview to anyone-formal or informal and for anyone to suggest such, it can only be the imagination of the writer, who despite quoting an imaginary source, never attributed any to anyone.

“The backroom staffs are in unison and worked together in peace. Allegations of bribery forcing players on the coaches and others are mere fabrications of the author’s imaginations and should not be taken seriously.

“Despite the disappointment of the exit of the Flying Eagles from the tournament in Poland, the NFF still remains unwavering in her commitment to developing youth football in Nigeria. That has been one of the core pillars of the federation and will continue in the same path,” the statement added.

The Flying Eagles, despite their brilliant start at the U-20 World Cup in Poland, following their opening 4-0 win over Qatar, exited the tournament in the Round of 16 after a 2-1 defeat to fellow West Africans Senegal on Monday.

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