How did the United States of America produce a third world president? – Ugochukwu Nwaokoro



How did the United States of America produce a third world president?

In President Donald J. Trump, America swallowed the bitter pill it has been prescribing to third world countries, especially in Africa. Over the years, in her quest to protect and defend American interests, America and her allies especially France and the United Kingdom have fostered and influenced the election of pro west and pro American presidents in Africa even when those presidents do not represent the interests of their African countries. Even when the people of Africa elected nationalist and pan-African presidents in a free and fair elections or in cases where America and her allies supported or helped to install candidates into office in Africa, as soon as the presidents begin to display anti west and pan-African tendencies, America and her allies would find a way to remove them from office even if it means to assassinate them.

What America has been doing to third world countries, America did to herself by allowing Donald Trump to sit in the highest office of the land based on all kinds of prejudices, voter manipulations, the influence of foreign nationals and countries, and most importantly, based on a flawed electoral college system, which disenfranchised almost three million people in order for Donald J. Trump to become the 45th president of the United States of America. One wonders how America would feel if a third world country practices this voter disenfranchising electoral college system! How come American law makers are not calling for the amendment and dismantling of the electoral college system, so that true representative democracy would thrive?

It is a shame Americans are watching Donald Trump destroy the integrity of American democracy for his own selfish interests and those of the foreign nationals and countries that helped him in office. With Donald Trump, the chicken has come home to roost for America and her European allies.

I wonder if America will allow electoral observers from Africa to come and observe the November 3, 2020 presidential election so that it will be free and fair!

— Ugochukwu Nwaokoro

Ugochukwu Nwaokoro

Ugochukwu Nwaokoro is the President /CEO of African Diaspora For Good Governance.

He was a Deputy Mayor of the City Of Newark, New Jersey. USA.

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