Hon. Oliver Obiukwu, First Lady, and AISANA executives Present gifts to Aisana women on a Special Mother’s Day celebration in East Orange, NJ, USA

Sun May 19, 2019 was very festive in East Orange, New Jersey, USA as Hon Oliver Obiukwu (Pres,AISANA) & AISANA Hosted the Women of AISANA


Hon Oliver Obiukwu, Mekaria 1 of Uturu. AISANA President


Video of the event

The Abia/Imo States Association of Nigeria in the Americas (AISANA) and its President, Hon. Oliver Obiukwu treated the women of AISANA to an evening of fun in Celebration of Mother’s Day 2019.

The cozy, family-themed event was held on Sunday May 19, 2019 at ASO Rock Restaurant, East Orange, New Jersey, USA and was anchored by ace MC, Prince Anozie Ugenyi

AISANA’s Secretary General, Bart Asoluka said, “On behalf of the president, Hon. Oliver Obiukwu, executives and men of Aisana, heartfully thank the AISANA’s mothers for their courageous support towards the upliftment of our great organization and family in general. Your steadfast commitment throughout our struggle times has made AISANA STRONGER THAN BEFORE. We can’t thank you enough. Hence,we collectively wish you all, happy mother’s day”.

Hon. Obiukwu, The Mekaria 1 of Uturu, a former vice chairman of Isuikwuato Local government Area added, “I am very happy to be here today with my wife serving the wonderful people of AISANA and especially our women on such a special day as today. It is indeed a special day for our women and they deserve it all”

Several women in attendance received gift bags from Hon Obiukwu as he was flanked by his his wife and first lady of AISANA, Dr Chioma Obiukwu and the vice president of AISANA, Lady Ada Achara Lassiter.

Happy Mother’s Day to the women of AISANA


Ada Achara Lassiter, Hon Obiukwu & Dr Chioma Obiukwu at the Mother’s day event


Dr Mrs Chioma Obiukwu, Hon. Oliver Obiukwu & Dr Christie Ikwuegbu at the Mother’s day event


Ada Achara Lassiter, Dr Mrs Chioma Obiukwu, Ma Kanye Ubim, Hon. Oliver Obiukwu at the Mother’s Day event


Dr Chioma Obiukwu, Hon Oliver Obiukwu, Nkeiruka Oparah & Prince Ugenyi at the Mother’s Day event