The CEO and founder of the famed We4We TV, We4WeREPORTS.com & Valmedia/Pinnacle Entertainment, Val ‘Frakas Mo’Fire’ Amadi & his media outfits sent felicitate with The Imo State’s Governor-Elect and Former Deputy speaker of Nigeria’s house of Representatives, H.E. Rt Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. Val Frakas sent out the tweets via their various Twitter handles (@We4WeREPORTS.com, @We4WeTV & @Frakasmofire).

The Elections OPTICS, a We4We TV affiliate elections monitoring team reported that the Ihedioha camp was mostly peaceful and avoided confrontations on issues that would appear illegal throughout the voting and collation process.We4We TV’s Engr Ugochukwu Good Friday Okoro, Fortune Amadi,  Mary Inimgba,  George Bush Amadi, Ikechukwu Mombily Nkeji  covered the activities of the elections OPTICS, Ihedioha campaign and the monitoring of the Imo state elections. Kudos to them for a job well done.

Emeka Ihedioha receiving a City Council & Mayoral Proclamation from the City of Newark, New Jersey  USA as presented by Dep Mayor Hon Ugochukwu Nwaokoro on Dec. 5, 2018.

The leader of the Igbo Solidarity Movement and a We4We TV Creative Content director, Igwe Nkem Onumarah believes that “Ihedioha looks very ready to get things going on day one in office..” We4We directors Godswill Inimgba (Port Harcourt’s 1st son) and Amadi C Amadi shared the same view.

Several community leaders, friends and well wishers of Uche Bonny Life Ndu, Leader/convener of the Ihedioha Diaspora Think-Thank Support Group have been bombarding him congratulatory messages for the wonderful job he did with the Ihedioha campaign  especially in coordinating and energizing the diaspora support base. We heartily congratulate our very own We4We TV family member, Uche Bonny Life who is also a people’s advocate.

The Nigerian born Deputy Mayor of the City of Newark, New Jersey, Ugochukwu Nwaokoro said he believes “Ihedioha is the right fit to get Imo moving again in the right direction”. He equally presented him with a Newark City Council and Mayoral proclamation when Ihedioha visited the USA in early December 2018.

Emeka Ihedioha, Uche Bonny Life Ndu & Dep Mayor Ugochukwu Nwaokoro

Sir Clem Ezeh, a New Jersey/New York based architect , Philanthropist and community leader said “all Imolites and other Nigerians must come together to work well with Ihedioha and give him all the tools he needs to succeed”. Comrade Oliver Obiukwu, The Mekaria 1 of Uturu, commended the efforts of Ihedioha and his campaign and has offered  more support  in addition to the support he had already given the campaign. Hon. Oliver Obiukwu is a former TC Vice Chairman, Isuikwuato LGA. and currant President of Abia/ Imo States Association Of Nigeria, NJ USA. He said he has nothing but  “Great wishes and prayers to the newly elected Governor of Imo State, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, May he be guided by the grace of God Almighty to lead Imo State out of perils and crisis into a prosperous future. We also ask God to grant him the wisdom and foresight to take Imo State into a greater height”

Ihedioha Welcomed at a Town Hall meeting in New Jersey, USA on Dec 05 2018. Coverage by We4We TV

Early in December 2018, Ihedioha had a tour of the U.S with stops in Maryland/DC, New Jersey/New York, Texas and others and lots of Nigerians in the Diaspora came out to support his campaign. We4We TV coordinated the media coverage for  the events held in his honor. The We4We TV creative, technical  media and other crew (Amadi C Amadi, Godswill Inimgba, Eberechi Okeke, Friday Abacha Offor, Emeka ‘DJ Goodnoiz’ Emele, Hyman Ugochukwu Nwaka, Samba Chinedu Nwadike, Osaz Osayende, Uche Worldwide Anonyuo, Prince Anozie Ugenyi, Yugos Benjamin Onyiriuka Ebere Nwandaa Akujuobi, Chidi Stormy Ukazu, Ebere Ofor, Mac Anthony Unanka, Innocent Osisioma entertainment, Darlington Nkuche, Manny Ndukwe, Sammy Lion Ugorji, Tony Abu Dhabi Oil Okpokparoro, Sir Omo Rantas, Sir Blessed Sunny, Hon Calistus Onyiuke, Dr. Al Onwuzuruike, High Chief Charles Eke, Dr Iwuozo, Chief Pauly Uba, Chief Michael Ubeke Anokam, Chike Nwokike, Duke Dukakis, T.G ”Abortion Doc’ Onyema, Julian de Mayor, Sir Bona Oleka, Afam Gaga Michaels, Sir Loko, Dj Chebez, Multiny Yeeye Anopueme, Prince Robertson Onyiuke, C.J Okany, Princess Jane Epuechi, Ezeli Nwoga, Princess Gracie Epuechi, Francis Charger Okezie, Benson Egbutu, Solo Kabia, Francis Atubi, Emeka ‘Lawyer’ Nwokoro,  Sir Ritchie Ejiofor, Uche Oforola, Iyke Eleke, Iyke Eze Ikejimba Oleka, Lady Chinwe Fashion Lady Njoku, Jude JDM, Mary jane MJ Nwaeze, Chika Okoronkwo, Hon Okems Okemezie, Mauri Nwachukwu, Wonderboy Ibejiuba, Emeka 2much Ukazu, Uzoma Oil Money Ukazu, Anthony Ukazu, Nnamdi Alabastar Obinojue, Dr Ikem Chukwuneke, Dr Nelson Aluya, Chideraa Felix, Emma Talent, Ifeanyi Dangamacin Emele, Coach Stanley Okeke & Chris Anojulu) also felicitate with Ihedioha and his camp.

Ihedioha addressing Diasporan Africans (Part 1) at a Town Hall meeting in New Jersey, USA on Dec 05 2018. Coverage by We4We TV


Ihedioha addressing Diasporan Africans (Part 2) at a Town Hall meeting in New Jersey, USA on Dec 05 2018. Coverage by We4We TV