Dr Andy “TG” Onyema’s Wife, Nelly, lost Sister to a gas explosion accident in Owerri, Imo State – Two kids, 7 and 9 still in intensive Care. Disturbing Pictures!


Nene & her kids, Somto & Chimamanda

Dr. Andy “T”G” Onyema’s wife, Nelly, lost Sister, Nene in a gas explosion in Owerri on 09/03/19. Her two kids, Somtochukwu Deko, 7 and Chimamanda Deko, 9 are still clinging on to life.

Tragedy struck the Onyema/Nwokah family on the 3rd of September, 2019 when Nne Nwokah (Nelly Onyema’s Sister) and her 2 kids, Somtochukwu , 7 and Chimamanda, 9 were severely  injured in a gas explosion accident. Unfortunately, Nene lost her battle on the 7th of September, leaving Behind Somtochukwu and Chimamanda.

The current caretakers of the kids, Nelly Onyema (Nene’s sister) and her husband, Dr “TG” (Abortion doctor) Onyema are residents of Orange, New Jersey and most of their friends who learned about the accident and eventual death of Nene have been showing a great deal of love and sending in their condolences. A prayer vigil, it was revealed, would be scheduled for friends, family and loved ones to come together and pray with the family.

Dr Andy “TG” Onyema

The family is appealing to everyone to help out as much as they can for Chimamanda and Somtochukwu’s medical bills and upkeeps. Nelly Onyema remarked, “losing my sister is unbearable but im glad  the children are still here with us and we are doing all we can in order to help them survive. They are so cute and loving kids and its just hard ro imagine that my sister is not here with us because she was such a great mother to these kids”.

The family has provided the following payment platforms for the convenience of those that want to support. Here they sre;


Gofundme.com account ( https://www.gofundme.com/f/7amp9yr-old-3-degree-burn-victims-medical-procedures?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet )


Zelle: amandasomtochukwudekofoundatn@gmail.com OR +1 862 930 0215


Cashap: $saveAmandaSomto

They say payment confirmations can be sent via  amandasomtochukwudekofoundatn@gmail.com

Nene before the accident


Nene, Somto & Chimamanda before the accident