Court hears Obasanjo’s son divorce suit Oct 2

Olujonwo’s lawyer, Olayinka Kujembola, told Justice Olabisi Akinlade that efforts by his client to serve the divorce papers on Temitope proved abortive.

“We have made several attempts to serve her in Abeokuta, Ogun State, without success. Even at her residence located within an estate in Ikoyi, the court sheriff complained that he was unable to effect service because of the tight security,” the lawyer said.

Olujonwo had approached the court to dissolve the marriage on the grounds of alleged assault and threat to life by Temitope, to whom he got married in May 2017.

He claimed to have since fled home for fear of being hurt.

Justice Akinlade had on May 23 noted during the proceedings that other means of service like an alternative address and courier service should be explored by the petitioner after his counsel, Omo Omofoma, had told the court that Olujonwo had made several attempts to serve Temitope to no avail.

During the Wednesday proceedings, the judge expressed surprise when the petitioner’s lawyer said his client had still not been able to serve the respondent.

“The issue between this couple is always reported in the papers. The respondent stays in Ogun State, why do you want me to grant an order for substituted service for Lagos where she does not stay?

“I will adjourn this case to ensure that the bailiff serve her personally so that we can be sure that we have exhausted all options. This is a very simple matter; it is a very simple divorce,” Justice Akinlade said.

She adjourned the matter till October 2 for the hearing of pending applications.

Weeks leading to the May 2017 wedding between Olujonwo and Temitope, Olujonwo’s mother, Taiwo Obasanjo, had filed a suit before the court seeking the postponement of the wedding.

She said she had received various warnings and prophecies that her son should not be involved in any elaborate celebration before his 34th birthday, which was June 1, 2017.

Justice Lateefa Okunnu, in a ruling on April 10, 2017, had dismissed the suit on the grounds that the court lacked jurisdiction to hear the case because Olujonwo was an adult.