Coronavirus: Primate Ayodele reveals what God told him about COVID-19 cure

Founder of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele has said that for the dreaded Coronavirus to disappear and things return to normal, there must be a global three days of fasting.

The spiritual leader declared that God had revealed the cure for the pandemic to him.

He said the virus got into Nigeria because the country’s leaders failed to listen to warnings and prophecies.

Ayodele told Sun that he had warned that the infectious virus would spread to Africa if proper precaution was not taken.

“I had prophesied in the first week of January that the virus would spread through Africa due to negligence by the leaders and it has come to pass,” he said.

“They allowed their personal gain to mislead them. They put the health of the country after their individual gain.

“They could have prevented it if they listened to men of God like us and other genuine prophets but they align themselves with vision-for-hire prophets.

“There would be a global fasting to curb the increase in fatality from the pandemic,” he added.