CAC head lambasts Nigeria’s religious leaders over immorality

A cleric, Christopher Owolabi, has warned religious leaders against promoting immorality and indecency among their followers.

Owolabi, who is the General Overseer of Christ Apostolic Church, Ori-oke Irapada, Omu-Aran, gave the warning during the church’s Sunday sermon.

He said that indecent dressing and other forms of immoral acts were now common among some Christians during church services and weddings, NAN reports.

The cleric said it was the responsibility of every religious leader to lead by example.

“If such immorality is allowed to thrive inside churches and in the full glare of religious leaders how can such be checked among students and other categories of youths?

“I think these indecent acts and immorality should totally be condemned and checked through our preachings and sermons.

“More importantly, we need to be more practical about it in order to instill discipline among the younger ones before God our creator.

“We are not only projecting our faith in bad light but more importantly our great country to the outside.

“It is disheartening to see these ungodly acts being perpetrated in the household of God; it’s not projecting us as good and devoted Christians at all,” he said.

Owolabi also urged parents and guardians to be alive to their parental responsibility by giving their wards good moral upbringing.

He expressed concern that most parents, guardians, teachers and counsellors have failed in their responsibility of shaping the lives of the youngers ones in the society.

“Most of us are now preoccupied with our daily worldly gains, materials and survival to the detriment of our statutory responsibilities to humanity.

“We don’t have enough time for our children again and we hardly check on how they dress to churches and other events,” he said.

Owolabi also called on traditional rulers and other community leaders to step up their responsibility of ensuring a decent, upright and Godly society.

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