Biafra: Igbo people in US are wicked, stingy, gossipy – Nnamdi Kanu [PHOTOS]

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has published the contributions of each country to the IPOB Defence Fund.

He criticized Igbo people in the United States of America for contributing as low as $2,300 to the fund, saying they are wicked, gossipy and stingy.

Kanu stated this on Facebook on Tuesday, revealing that the total amount contributed by Biafrans all over the world is $143,000 (One Hundred & Forty-Three Thousand Dollars).

According to him, the amount is less than his group’s single month expenditure for running the IPOB office worldwide.

The IPOB leader lamented that the sum was not up to the amount he spent to feed the vulnerable a few weeks ago,

He wrote, “As the saying goes, he who goes to equity must go with clean hands.

“In keeping with my numerous public declarations that we in IPOB are whiter than white and whiter than snow, this morning I have decided to publish what each country contributed to the famous DEFENCE FUND for the world to see.

“All Biafrans in the USA only managed to contribute less than $2,300 (Two thousand Three Hundred Dollars). It means the total amount contributed by all Biafrans in the USA is less than the price of a one-way flight ticket from Enugu to Tokyo.”

Kanu claimed that it was those he described as traitors, expelled from IPOB in the USA that are now working for Nigeria’s Department for State Security Services, DSS, and peddling the myth about DEFENCE FUND embezzlement as a way of getting back at him and for sacking them from the movement.

He said it was funny that none of the expelled alleged criminals “now feeding the Pig in the Creek with false information ever contributed a dime to the DEFENCE FUND.”

“All those foaming around the mouth about a DEFENCE FUND never contributed a penny to it,” Kanu said.

“Not minding the sheer wickedness, apathy, gossipy and stingy nature of an Igbo man, we have continued to defend Biafraland with very limited resources against a Fulani Jihadi budget of over $22 Billion (Twenty-Two Billion Dollars) not including Nigerian Army and Police.”

“These poverty-stricken criminals and agents of the caliphate think because they are gluttonous traitors that I too will be like them but they are very much mistaken.”

He said such persons should not forget that he is a child of God and is under the most sacred and inviolable oath to restore Biafra and, therefore, cannot be corrupted, bribed, or compromised.