Peter Obi Invested N1.96 billion and the value now is N2.24 billion (Picture


Response to “Peter Obi’s $12.24 m Investment In Breweries Now Worth $5.38 m

I read through the article titled “Peter Obi’s $12.24m Investment In Breweries Now Worth $5.38m” and I saw a desperate attempt to find something negative on Peter Obi’s past. The writer obviously did not think through the implication of his deceptive title. Because there is no tangible thing to use again Peter, he had to exploit the outcome of fiscal policy and economic failure of Buhari’s administration to craft a title that the BMC crew will feast on. Obviously the BMC crew do not have the mind of their own and cannot think for themselves. Otherwise they would have understood the implication of the intellectual yahoo-yahoo displayed by the author of that article.

To put the record straight, N1.96 billion was invested and N2.24B (CBN) or (N3.28B) black market is the value today. There was no loss whichever way you want to look at it. it is disingenuous to report the values in dollars while you talk about Tinubu’s forced investment in Naira. (
In fact, you have to praise Peter for investing a company that did not go bankrupt under Buhari’s administration.

Dangote, the richest man in Africa had a net worth of $7bn as at April, 2016 as against $25bn he was worth in 2014. ( That was an $18bn or 72% loss incurred under Buhari’s body language induced recession. Tinubu told us he single-handedly made Buhari Nigeria’s president. Even now, with Federal governments push such as selective opening of the land bother to allow him export his products, Dangote is yet recover. His current Net is still $14.2 billion.

Going by Dangote’s experience, we now know that the company lost at least 72% of its equity value. Because we do not know the profit made as at 2014, we shall work with the investment capital which was $12.24 million. Assuming there was no growth, losing 72% means $8.81 million was lost. So as at April, 2016, the value of the investment was $3.43 million. This company has without any government’s incentive grown the $3.43 million by $1.95 million to get $5.38 million. That is 36% growth in 6 years under Buhari’s hash economy. That tells you that Peter is an investor and wealth creator.

The writer of the article actually shot Buhari and Tinubu(Buhari’s Godfather) on the back because he just highlighted the damage Buhari has done to our economy.

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