2019 AFCON: Fans set semi final target for Eagles

With the Super Eagles starting their campaign at the 2019 AFCON against Burundi on Saturday, ‘TOSIN OLUWALOWO gets the fans’ reactions on their expectations from the team at the tournament.

I have no expectations for us than for us winning the cup, in fact, I feel that we are above the AFCON at the level we are in if we are able to maximise it, we are almost miles ahead of any other team. We have Senegal and Egypt who will give us tough time, but I think we have all it takes to win the AFCON.

–Victor Fatanmi , brand designer

The teams in our group are easy for them , we should not have any problems with them, I expect us to top the group and probably get to the semis if not the final. Anything apart from that would be really bad, we should at least get to the semi final.

–Promise Adesanya, school administrator

I like the Super Eagles and I know that our expectations in the AFCON will be great, due to the fact that the one we played at the World Cup, we really tried, so I still have the expectation that this one that we are going, we will go far. There is a possibility we will enter the final.

–Emmanuel Effiong, store manager

My expectation for the Super Eagles at the AFCON is close to nil, I feel the highest they will go is the semi finals. I don’t see them coming back home with the Nations Cup, if you look at our preparations, then the calibre of players we have in camp, then you can understand we don’t have that capacity to stand  Egypt, even teams like Senegal and Ghana are more prepared than us.

–Tunji Awe, farmer

Given the lineup after Iheanacho was dropped, I expect us to perform really good. With what I am seeing, I think we have the best squad for the AFCON this year. Give or take, I am looking at the quarter finals.

–Emmanuel Eseige, media specialist

The way the Super Eagles have been playing, we should not even think about what they did they yesterday, but I am so certain the Super Eagles will get to the quarter finals, the teams they are meeting for the first stage is not tough and I’m so certain, it’s just a certainty, we will get to the quarter finals

–Tuyi Omolafe, businessman

My expectations for the Super Eagles, judging from our last outing at the World Cup, based on the stars and the forms now, when we look at the whole competition, I think Nigeria stands a chance, the Super Eagles can do than they have done in the World Cup. I believe we can get to the finals, probably win the cup. I believe we can.

– Moyomola Shogunle, electrical engineer

I am pretty sure the Eagles will get to the semi final. The semi final is a realistic stage for them to get to, and the team is strong, although the team has not really been tested. We have not seen much from them from the friendlies they played, but I am sure they will step up their game when the tournament begins. The semi final is a realistic target, but if they go on to win the tournament, it will be a bonus.

– Akin Ayodele, geologist

I really believe in our boys, I believe they can do it this time around, I believe they can actually lift the AFCON trophy because their style of football is more tactical, more technical these past few years and they have really improved in their spirit and they have lots of recognisable talents. I really believe we can go on and win this trophy.

–David Oyeyemi, architect

I guess Nigeria will be able to get to the semi final in this Nations Cup because the only teams that I can see that are better than our team are Egypt and Algeria, and maybe Morocco. I am not rating Morocco that much, but with the unity in the team, we have good players, we should move far, at least semi finals. That is if we don’t get to the finals or even win the cup.