IPOB practically sealed off the event ground in New Jersey, USA where Gov Ugwuanyi & Sen Utazi were invited to speak.

The indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu practically shut down an event in New Jersey, USA where Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and Sen. Chukwuka Utazi were invited to speak.  The event organizers pleaded with IPOB members to allow the event to go on and the IPOB members later obliged after confirming that both Gov Ugwuanyi and Sen Utazi were not at the venue and would not be allowed to speak.

We4WeREPORTS.Com through We4We TV was able to verify that the governor and the Senator were a no show and that the hotel rooms booked for them were never checked into.

We4WeREPORTS.Com was also able to reliably gather that IPOB members of their intelligence squad  had camped out around the hotel a(Newark Airport Hilton Hotel)around,  the Newark Liberty international airport, John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) and other places around the area to keep tab on Ugwuanyi, Utazi And their hosts. Mike Suarez, a hotel employee from Guatamala, after listening to some of the IPOB members speak, said he would like to support the IPOB members in Nigeria and also spoke to We4We TV about his father’s heroism in wars in South America. He said, “I hate injustice when I spot it. My father who was a soldier that fought for freedom in different places always thought me to be ready to defend people who seek freedom anywhere in the world. My father was very fond of Che Guevera”.

Several IPOB members spoke up against the evil going on in Nigeria and said they want to continue the job their Ileader, Nnamdi Kanu demands of them to flush out evil wherever they see them.

Maazi Uchenna Udoh who was a guest at the event said he isn’t a member of IPOB but supports “what they are doing to help many NIgerians wake up and be more aware of their rights to good governance and also in demanding better from their elected officials”. A lot of people who aren’t IPOB members also joined in in their protest.