Jasper Ndubuaku beaten up

The head of the Ihedioha’s Imo Recovery Team was badly beaten, disgraced with clothes torn in Imo State NIgeria.

This is a breaking news. Pls, stay tuned for more updates.

As gathered  by various news sources and as seen on a new video making rounds on social media (video attached), Former Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha and his Camp attacked Ihedioha’s recovery team camp as they attempted to recover some of the property they believe was ill gotten by Rochas and his administration.

The head of Ihedioha’s recovery team, Jasper Ndubuaku is reportedly badly beaten up with clothes torn. Before the commencement of the operation, Ndubuaku, who has made several enemies over the course of the recovery mission, especially due to what most complainants like Imo State Civil Servant, Mr Mike Chika call his “overly authoritative, overly assertive and illegal methods”,  told reporters that he would go any length to help recover Imo State property and could care less what people who don’t like him much think of him.

Some people now say they thought you only get beat up as a politician if only you go for a new Yam Festival In a foreign land (referring to the recent beating Senator Ekweremmadu received in Germany as he attended a new Yam Festival event and IPOB members angry at the injustices going on in his constituency pushed him out). The major difference is that this is happening lwithin NIgeria and between two Political heavyweight camps. Could this be the beginning of the much needed REVOLUTION??