Nnamdi Kanu Declares Nigeria “crumbled” in his April 8th, 2020 Broadcast


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
Leader of I.P.O.B

The Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazị Nnamdi Kanu in a recent broadcast has declared Nigeria, “Crumbled”.


Click here to hear Mazị Kanu’s Apr 08, 2020 Message in its entirety.

In a widely listened to Broadcast on April 08. 2020, the  l.P.O.B leader, Mazị Nnamdi Kanu declared that Ngeria is “Crumbled” as he pointed out that all key top figures in the Aso Rock Cabal aren’t available to work. It is rumored that both V.P Osinbanjo and Chief Of Staff, Abba Kyari are either dead from the Corona virus (COVID-19) infection.


He ridiculed Aso Rock as he pointed out that president Buhari Was long dead in 2017 but that the cabal maintains a few body doubles of Pres Buhari, including the much talked about Jubril Al Sudani that most believe is an actor brought in from Sudan to learn Buhari mannerisms and to undergo extensive plastic surgeries to look more like Pres Buhari. They say it is an extensive cover-up to maintain the continuity and consolidation  of powers with the present cabal. It was brought up by Kanu that the last broadcast of President Buhari to Nigerians was dubbed to be a live presentation but was indeed pre-recorded at a Havana,  Cuba hotel and was heavily edited prior to broadcasting. Kanu challenged the media to investigate the little hole not previously known to be on Pres Buhari’s neck but appearing on his neck during the last broadcast. He maintained it was a hole from the mask worn by  the Buhari impersonator and that they were too much in hurry to broadcast and so overlooked certain details of their makeup.

Mazi Kanu Also admonished Igbo donors to the Federal Government relief efforts as he said their money would just simply be pocketed by the political looters or would be used to take care of people in the Northern part of Nigeria while some people in the south would continue to while away in abject poverty.

Kanu said Parts of Kogi and Benue States Would be part of a new Bịafra Since there are historical ties that the regions share with the larger Biafran land mass. He reminded the students of history that the Benue Fighters were largely responsible for stopping the Fulani invasion of Biafraland earlier in the 20th Century. He said if not for those fighters, that some parts  of Igbo land would have been overrun by invading Fulani Armies much the same way the Yorubas were defeated in and lost Ilorin to the Fulanis .