We’ll revenge killing of Biafrans in Lagos – Asari Dokubo blows hot [VIDEO]

A former Niger Delta militant leader, Alhaji Asari Dokubo, has vowed that people of Biafra would revenge the killing of Igbos in Lagos State.

The ex-militant leader was reacting to the violence that occurred during the presidential election in the Niger Delta and in Lagos State.

In the video, Dokubo also condemned the killings in some Local Governments Areas in Rivers State.

The former dreaded freedom fighter blamed politicians for ordering the killings of their people using Nigerian security forces.

Dokubo claimed that over 30 people have been recorded dead owing to the attack by the Nigerian security forces.

Dokubo called on Yoruba people to stop the attack on Biafrans who have done no wrong by choosing to vote for a candidate of their choice and by choosing to vote out a ‘tyrant.’

“We will revenge the killings” he assured the Yorubas as he reminded them that they have Yoruba people working at the various oil facilities in the Niger Delta.

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