Stop using jobless Nigerians to cause trouble – Satguru Maharaj Ji warns politicians

The founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji has on Wednesday warned politicians across the country against using innocent and jobless Nigerians to cause trouble.

Maharaj Ji while speaking at a press conference held at his Satguru Maharaj Ji village in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, maintained that politicians should find ways of providing employment opportunities for the youths instead of using them to cause trouble in the country.

He urged journalists to continue to do proper investigation on matters that required to be investigated in order not to mislead the people.

He said, “We want to warn the politicians to stop using innocent and jobless Nigerians to cause trouble instead of providing employment for the youths to grow, as the engine house of the economy, to be ready to face judgement physically or spiritually since what you sow you reap.

“In the same way, all the religious heads should hold their heads in shame for leading our leaders and the led with false prophesies of doom and imaginary dangers in order to extort money from the people which has led us to the present volatile situation which could have been avoided if they had told the believers and non-believers that the saviour is on the planet and the true name of The Creator is Maharaj Ji to enable us to experience peace, love and harmony and bliss which creates trust and cooperation for attracting humongous blessings of The Creator for the golden age of life which is imminent.

“We wish our news media to be very investigated before filing their reports to enable thus public rely on and act positively to create a peaceful and enabling environment for all now that we have been able to disgrace our foreign detractors.

“Fellow Nigerians, as we are all getting ready for Divine Government, we are grateful that the general elections have come and gone leaving few inconclusive areas for the INEC to decide.

“We congratulate the winners as well as the losers for their courage and patriotism to serve our dear country and do hope they will accept the outcome of the elections in good faith since if there is life there is hope for another chance to serve.

“However, we can’t keep quiet about threats to life and property in some of the areas that the elections have been declared to be inconclusive which the INEC would soon decide new dates for it. No matter what happens, anybody who takes laws into their hands will face the wrath of the laws of the land”.