“Smile Again” by Stanley Khobi enjoys a Worldwide Song and Music Video Premier hosted By We4We Media USA


Stanley Khobi – “Smile Again”

“Smile Again” – Stanley Khobi

“Smile Again” by Stanley Khobi is sure a smash hit. It’s so themed to capture some of the emotions that the world is going through today with the Covid-19 pandemic. His soothing and serenating voice over the professionally crafted Melody all but drives the message of hope home as he chants, “E go better oh. Amen. Amen..”  The world would sure smile again”

Please, Download song and enjoy the music video as well here.



CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO https://youtu.be/4sp0Bqk4HbQ

A massive song and music video premier was conducted by We4We Media and anchored by We4We Media’s C.E.O, Val Frakas Mo’Fire Amadi on the 5th of June, 2020 @ 7 pm Eastern U.S.A Time/ 12 a.m West African time across all We4We Media’s platforms.

Chief Oliver Obiukwu, Mekaria 1 of Uturu, Was very instrumental in setting the stage for Khobi to blossom and has continued to back him up to ensure he keeps bringing out great entertaining sounds and achieve massive stardom in no time.

Here is Stanley Khobi’s Biography –

“Stanley Khobi was born on 8th October 2000. He hails from Abia state, Nigeria and he is the first born of five children. His love for music was observed early on: according to his mother, music was used to stop him from crying as a baby. His love for music grew well into his teenage years and he started writing his own songs in secondary school.

Stanley Khobi is from a humble background and the struggle to keep up with family finance made him move to Lagos as a teenager, where he served as a houseboy (House help). He was subjected to all sorts of maltreatments including very long hours of labor without breaks, and eventually, he was thrown out of the house and he ended up on the streets. Being homeless, he resorted to sleeping under parked trucks with little or nothing to eat each day. This went on for a while till he found his way back to his hometown. Upon arrival, he found out his mother had passed away and unfortunately, the news was kept from him.

Holding onto his love and passion for music, he went wherever there is music and even joined the church choir at some point… He was determined to break into the music industry. During one of these numerous musical outings, he stumbled upon an occasion graced by traditional music performers and hosted by Chief Oliver. His instincts told him Chief Oliver could be the key to making his dream come true. His attempts to get an opportunity to speak to Chief Oliver at the occasion and thereafter were not successful.

A chance meeting with Chief Oliver’s son changed his luck, and soon thereafter he became a  friend of the family. Around the same time, he recorded his first song titled “Banger” which became a sensation and spread like wildfire in the neighborhood. Somehow, chief Oliver heard the song and decided to confirm id indeed such a young lad recording that beautiful song. After confirming it, Chief Oliver knew there and then that Stanley Khobi is a force to reckon with and would do great exploits in the entertainment industry. Impressed by Stanley’s talent, Chief Oliver became his number 1 fan and made a promise to bring his career to light. Chief Oliver kept his promise by getting Stanley signed up with  a talent management company based in Lagos, Billion Light Media, where he is currently working on his musical project.”