Rochas Okarocha-Sponsored “Reclamation” & “Prisons” Estates Are Gone- Hope Uzodinma implements “White Paper” Recommendations

“Reclamation” & “Prisons” Estates Commissioned under Rochas Okorocha Recovered as demanded by the recent “White Paper” Recommendations

Nearby notorious shanty town by Avu Junction & Port Harcourt Road Raised

The famous “Reclamation Estate” and the “Prisons Estate” commissioned by former Imo State Gov, Rochas Okorocha and situated on land belonging to the indigenes of Ụmụezereọkam Nekede, Ọkwụ Ụmụọma Nekede and Avụ, all in Owerri West L.G.A have been recovered by the State Government of Gov Hope Ụzọdịnma as recommended by a recent “White Paper” report on Real Estate and properties.

On behalf of the Imo State Government, the recovery exercise was carried out by the General Manager of Imo State Housing Corporation, Hon. Obi Mbakwe and it kicked off at about 2.30 pm on Tuesday March 30, 2021. In his remarks to We4We Reports, he said, “..This Layout is called ‘Reclamation’ Layout and he “White Paper” is very explicit with it. We are here to implement the contents of that white paper – Return these lands that were taken by the Okorocha administration back to the people. We’re here making sure we do just that – Making sure we claim what belongs to Igbo People back to Imo People. That’s what we’re doing..”

The people said the Rochas admin lied to them that they were building housing estates to attract development in the area but the estates were never built, rather the principal actors just only sold and re-sold the allocation documents like stocks and bonds at a stock market but never developed the lands as promised. They say they now prefer private equity industries and production companies coming to the areas than any other government lipsticked pig stories about housing estates. The people need jobs, commerce and productivity and not housing to take care of them and their families.

A nearby Shanty Town, famously nicknamed “Ama Awusa Avụ” Was also raised. It had hundreds of residents that scrambled to secure their belongings and avoid losing them to the recovery exercise. The shanty housed mostly people of Northern Nigeria origin and was in very bad hygiene and sanitary conditions, with most residents having to go into nearby bushes to defeate. Lately, it had become a hub for criminals and a launching pad for most criminal activities, ranging from rape, sale and distribution of fire arms to robbery and kidnapping that are carried out in the area. Nearby residents and natives expressed not that the shanty town was being taken off. To maintain a very humanitarian approach to the exercise, Mohammed Abu and other resident leaders within the shanty were asked to help coordinate the safe removal of residents and property as the exercise progresses..

Parts of the land was acquired to build a prison facility but Rochas admin built another prison facility sitting on a 14 acre property not far from the just recovered area, making it redundant to hold on to both properties for the same project. It was further gathered that after building the current prison facility on Port Harcourt Road, the just recovered area became a feast table for most actors of the Okorocha admin as they balkanized it and started sharing it amongst themselves, with many of the allocation papers being sold and resold many times over and going for ₦7-10 Million Naira. Imo State department of Lands is recently being inundated with several reports of land grabbing and fake sales emanating mostly from actors of the Okorocha admin.

Val Amadị Speaking with Mohammed Ibrahim & Habib – Residents of the Shanty Town.

We4We Media boss, Val “Frakas Mo’Fire” Amadi , a native of Ụmụezereọkam Nekede and a major land owner in the area was among those on hand during the exercise. He expressed joy seing that “the rights of the indigenous land owners of the srea are being upheld and respected by the Ụzọdịnma admin and moving forward, future admins in Imo must emulate that”.

Most of the indigenous owners complained bitterly about the strong arm tactics used by the Rochas admin and it’s actors in acquiring the land from them. They said in most cases, they were hardly ever consulted and that the compensatory plots meant for the land owners in most cases didn’t come and if they came at all, they were never as complete as the figures stated on paper. They said it was a big scam against the people and that they’re glad the exercise was being concmducted. One of the workers who worked for Hon Onyewuchi Ikonne, a former house of Assembly Representative for Owerri West and a pivotal person in the original land acquisition and compensatory allocation papers disbursement, noted that in some cases, the people were fully compensated but the middle men involved cheated most original land owners out of the otherwise fair deals.

The Welfare Chairman of Ụmụezereọkam Nekede, Engr Sir James Okey Njoku was at hand as well. Also present was Bright Eboh, the youth Chairman of Umuezereokam Nekede. Umuoma Apex Youth Leader, Nnanna Nana’s Aharanwa, Areke Oparanozie, Obinna Okorocha (Okwu Youth Chairman) and the Okwu Welfare Chairman were also present. Elder Anthony Tacco Ajoku, speaking with We4We Reports stated that he was happy that “the excercize was a peaceful one and I’m glad that the community is willing and ready to assist the government when called upon.”