R. Kelly was paid $22,000 for a 1-hour club appearance despite sexual abuse charges

R. Kelly is still cashing in despite facing charges of sexual abuse.

The R&B star raked in $22,000 (7.9 million Naira) to show his face at a nightclub and hang out for only an hour.

He came out of hiding on Saturday for a paid club appearance at the Dirty South Lounge in Springfield, Illinois. At the event, Mr Kelly interacted with the small crowd and, though he didn’t have to sing, he belted out the opening line to his hit song “Bump N’ Grind.”

Out of the $22,000 he received for the 1-hour appearance, Kelly took $20k, and paid his booking agent $2k.

Prior to attending the gig, Kelly went on Instagram to ask the media to take it easy on him when they see him in the club drinking and partying. He made it clear he’s just showing up to collect a check.

Only about 50 people showed up for the event to meet Kelly.

One thought on “R. Kelly was paid $22,000 for a 1-hour club appearance despite sexual abuse charges

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