Prophet Polycarp reveals winners, losers in 36 States of Nigeria

The founding Bishop of the Royal Church of God, His Eminence, Archbishop Dr. Polycarp Sunday, has released his prophecies ahead of Saturday’s governorship and State Assembly elections.

In the list of prophecies he tagged “Political revelations that shall shape the covenant season of 2019 In Nigeria’s polity,” he predicted what will happen in the 36 States of the federation.

He also spoke about Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Senator Godswill Akpabio, the South East, South South among other political issues.

He said, “Prophetically, the Lord is showing me the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP), recording a major landslide Victory at the Southern Region of Nigeria.

‘The likes of Governorship Candidates of Rivers State, Delta State, Akwa Ibom State, Cross Rivers State, Bayelsa State, affirmatively will clinch firm Gubernatorial (Governorship Elections) victories, in the above mentioned Southern States, with exception of Edo State. Some Party stakeholders in the above mentioned states will suffer political persecution from the ruling party (Government), but they must remain resolute, and maintain a positive and mental spirit and attitude, all of these shall pass, and at the end they will smile again.

“The above mentioned states will suffer stiff and serious opposition from the ruling party, by a slim margin in some of the above mentioned southern States, Victory will smile on them. One among the above states will enjoy major landslide victory at the polls. earnest, passionate, intercessory prayers must be constantly upheld by ALL.

“I see some secret dirty deal of the ruling party’s national chairman been exposed as regards to the 2019 General Elections, particularly on the matter of the upcoming Governorship/Gubernatorial Elections in the South-South Region, and South East Region Of Nigeria.

“This National Chairman stepped on toes that he would have a forehand negotiations and roundtable peace talks with those he will persecute, even some members of the ruling party. Gradually, if not properly checked his popularity and credibility will be soiled.

“AKWA IBOM: Former Governor Godswill Akpabio with wisdom must as a matter of fact, make peace with his successor, forgive and forget, else Former Governor Godswill Akpabio will mess his political career before the Good People of Akwa Ibom, as whom God bless no man can curse. Words of blessings the former Governor has showered on his successor previously is part of what is speaking for him right now, coupled with the blessings of the Church and Elders of Akwa Ibom State, only God can remove the present Governor of Akwa Ibom State only God can, only if he deviates from total dependence on God.

“More persecutions and corporate attacks are coming for the present sitting Governor, I see God delivering the Governor over and over again to the surprise of his detractors.

“The present Governor must maintain his consistent commitment to Only God Almighty, then all the desired expectations of his heart and that of Akwa Ibom State will come to pass speedingly.

“ENUGU: The Lord is revealing to me that it is The Year of Recompense and Reward for Governor Uguanyi of Enugu State, for consistent commitment to the Welfare of The Good People of Enugu, both physically and spiritually shall, be the lot of the present Executive Governor of Enugu State.

“I, The Lord I am come to Reward You with an Electoral Gubernatorial Victory in Enugu State, as Its Executive Governor of Enugu State to rule Your People the Second Term. Increase Your Commitment more to My Servants and My Church in Enugu.

“EBONYI: Governor Umayi of Ebonyi State’s Party will enjoy a major victory at the Gubernatorial – Governorship Elections.

“IMO: I see the Party of a former Governor of IMO State emerging victorious, had it been he had been patient enough, and maintained his stands with his erstwhile Party, it would have been his set time of God’s Favour and Divinity Smiling on him, having waited all these years. This Party will emerge victorious to the dismay of the ruling party of the present sitting Governor.

“ABIA: The Man, Chief Uche Ogar of APC in Abia State will enjoy the favour of the grassroots and Good People of Abia State this 2019 again. Having been denied his mandate on his previous electoral gubernatorial victory in Abia State, Fate and Divinity will shine on Him again, as the Good People of Abia will come out enmass to shower and pour out their solidarity on the People’s Choice, contrary to the missed opportunities given to the present sitting Governor, as the ball is still in his court to make it right a second time.

“BENUE: The blood of the slain of my people in Benue State and Environs is speaking against the perpetrators.

“Governor Orton must not lose sleep over his reelection bid, he will expressly scale through victoriously. It Is the Governor’s season of divine compensation.

“After the Governor’s re-election though characterized with some violence from the opposition, by divine assistance the long herdsmen attack on the innocent citizens will seriously backlash and die a natural death.

“I see the present Governor bouncing back with massive developmental projects in Benue, that has never been recorded ever in the history of Benue, since its inception.

“PLATEAU: I see an old General with rich military background, and deep in governmental matters clinching victory.

“But the sitting Governor will fight dirty to maintain his seat. The good people of Plateau State must stand for their choice and demand peace at all levels of their society.

“I see herdsmen planning to take advantage of the political situation of this once peaceful state.

“Freedom and peace will return to the once troubled and incessantly attacked Plateau again after the gubernatorial elections.

“KADUNA: Governor Nasir El’rufai will come back as a winner a second time. The electoral process of his reelection will be characterized by many discrepancies.

“The opposition will seek justice criticizing the whole electoral process as a sham. Only fair play, justice and a united front will help the gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Kaduna Governorship elections to emerge victorious and a winner.

“KWARA: Senate President Bukola Saraki will work extra hard to gain all that he had lost in his home state by reason of his defection to the Peoples Democratic Party from the ruling party.

“His party will succeed in clinching victory at the Kwara gubernatorial elections, though marred with several irregularities.

“I see some of his kinsmen, and former political close associates particularly a close relative (member of his family) in alliance with the ruling party working extra hard to defeat him.

“Kwara politics will never be same again, it shall be a do or die affairs. Please pray for Kwara against destruction of lives and properties by these elections.

“NIGER: I see the ruling party and Governor Abubakar Sani Bello doing everything, using every avenues, to clinch victory.

Despite the high margin of rigging in connivance with some electoral officials, the peoples choice in the latter shall prevail.

“TARABA: Governor Ishaku of Taraba will emerge Victorious a second time, but his opposition will fight tooth and nail. The will of the people will still prevail.

“KANO: Governor Ganduje of Kano State of the ruling party All Progressives Congress will come back a second time.

The opposition will cite massive rigging that will bedeviled the whole electoral process.

“Governors of Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto, Kebbi, Jigawa States will enjoy reelections, but one among them, the opposition party , Peoples Democratic Party will clinch victory at the polls.

“BORNO: The ruling party, All Progressives Congress in Borno, and Governor Shettima Ibrahim will enjoy a massive victorious gubernatorial reelection.

“ADAMAWA: I see the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party clinching victory at the gubernatorial election.

“There shall political drama in Adamawa State, as new breed of politicians shall be birthed , never been recorded in the history of Adamawa politics.

“I see a new wave of newness cutting across through the length and breadth of this state, as new things, policies, new governmental projects, etcetera, are emanating from this state, spreading through all the northeastern states.

“Order, peace and tranquility is gaining grounds again, in areas that were once ravaged by disorder, attacks, and fear. The will of the common man has prevailed again, Amen.

“YOBE: The ruling party of All Progressives Congress of Governor Gaidam will enjoy a good gubernatorial electoral victory , sweeping through all the geopolitical zones of the state.

“BAUCHI: Governor Abubakar of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress is emerging victorious but by a slim margin.

“GOMBE: Governor Dakwambo of Gombe of the Peoples Democratic Party will enjoy sympathy and support from his people.

PDP governorship candidate will enjoy victory at the gubernatorial elections in the State.

Governor Dakwambo will learn his lessons the hard way this 2019, as he will understand that Power comes from God.

“LAGOS: The All Progressives Congress ruling party’s candidate will emerge victorious.

“The election will be characterized by some electoral malpractices. The popularity of the ruling party shall be put to test by the opposition candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party.

“It is a warning and a sign that the ruling Party’s relevance in the politics of Lagos state are numbered.

“The God father of Lagos State will be made to learn it the hard way, that power comes from God and not from man, as the voice of the people is the voice of God.

“OYO: Oyo State will enjoy a new rule under a new party other than the ruling All Progressives Congress.

The opposition in the state will clinch victory at the gubernatorial elections this 2019. Its the dawn of new beginnings for the Good People of Oyo State.

“OGUN: Ogun State governorship elections will be characterized by sudden surprises to the ruling party.

“ABUJA: Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Kuje, Gwagwalada, Kwali, Bwari, and Abaji Area Council:

“The Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria’s political seat of power, will experience a new renewed wave political dominance by the opposition party.

“Some Area Councils in the Federal Capital territory and AMAC Chairman will enjoy reelection with the All Progressives Congress.”