Nnamdi Kanu outlines reasons Igbos, others must sit at home on May 29

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has provided various reasons Ndigbo and other tribes that made up the nation called Biafra, must sit at home on 29th May.

Nnamdi Kanu, who drew his reasons from history of the Igbo, said that people of the tribe are born with freedom in their DNA

Kanu stated this in a broadcast on Friday, adding, “Our quest for freedom started not just in the 60s nor 40s but in late 20s and before that in the first decade of the 20th century. After Arochukwu fell to the British in 1904, seven sons from Aro left for Anioma to form the feared and much revered Ekumeku fraternity to continue a guerilla war against the British.

“This is the reason why the British will never trust us. Compare that the British take-over of the north where they were welcomed and worshipped till date. Ironically we that fought the British in actual war ended up as Christians whereas Fulani controlled north that were subservient to the British retained and even expanded their Islamic identity.

“We are born with freedom in our DNA. We did not wake up one morning to hate Nigeria, they have always hated us. In November 1929 the British killed our mothers in Aba that dared to question their rule and punitive taxation.

“This year is the 100th anniversary of their death and those that claim they are intellectuals in Igboland have all carefully forgotten because they don’t want to offend their Fulani masters. It has fallen on IPOB again to remind the world what the heroics of our mothers mean to us today. In November this year, we shall honour them.

“Have we forgotten that our dear British that gave us Anglican Church shot dead 21 striking miners in Enugu on November 1949. One bystander was killed and 51 people injured. Nobody remembers them and that is why Fulani are still killing us today.

“The coordinated resistance against the combined military invasion of Nigeria and her foreign mercenaries led by the British, lasted for a period of three good years (1967-1970), to the disappointment of the invaders, claiming not less than 3.5 million Biafrans including men, women, children and even the elderly. Biafran economy, properties/possessions, worth fortunes, were totally plundered by Chief Obafemi Awolowo. These are irrefutable historical facts.

“Britain fought a proxy war against Biafra through Nigeria. In a straight fight between Biafra and Nigeria, there will only ever be one outcome, Biafra will defeat Nigeria anytime any day. Russia then Soviet Union supported Nigeria because of the international conspiracy to crush Biafra not because Nigeria was stronger. These are the unseen forces we are battling every day. To convince the world that Biafra is not anti-Britain or against European and US oil interest in our land is one of the key things we are presently doing.

“Our people are steadily being marginalized, victimized, kidnapped, gruesomely murdered, pauperised and enslaved across the Nigerian contraption. Incidents that prompted the Biafran armed resistance in defence of their people and homeland (territories) dating back between 1945 and 1970 are very much prevalent after over forty years of hypocritical unity/federalism.

“Biafrans have over the years, variously sacrificed for the unfettered restoration of the sovereignty of their fatherland. I, alongside many others, within the IPOB global family have made and are yet making invaluable sacrifices despite life-threatening persecutions from the enemies.

“Many of us have been extra-judicially arrested, imprisoned/detained and murdered in this struggle by the agents of the Nigerian state. Fulanised political merchants (saboteurs, traitors and propagandists) both within and without, have persistently vilified me and the struggle in virtually all fronts, with abysmal failures hitting their every move. All their evil strategies and enterprises will continue to suffer shame and disappointment because in the end we always win.

“Come Thursday 30th May 2019, Biafrans both at home and in the diaspora will yet defy every odd to accord our heroes and heroines both living and dead, well-deserved honour and recognition for their priceless sacrifice in the Biafra restoration struggle. This memorial will be accompanied with a total Sit-At-Home observance across Biafraland. The slain chose to fall that we may live and nothing less will suffice.

“The Biafra restoration project is insurmountable. All IPOB family members must, therefore, maintain a high degree of discipline and defiantly get committed to the cause. Opposition on the way to freedom is expected and will be surmounted. We must neither mutate nor mortgage our blissful future and that of the upcoming Biafran generation, no matter the attraction of temporal comfort. We have come this far, staking our lives and all for this all-important project. The evolving developments in Nigeria are clear indications that we are close to the finishing line.

“The much anticipated Biafra independence is quite imminent. The date and time heralding its declaration may not be known or determined but behold, it is in the horizon. Biafra is will be free and we must all get our eyes fixed on the ball for the appointed season of our glory. God’s hand of providence and protection on behalf of HIS own children we Biafrans, is evidently clear in every ramification. Chukwu Okike Abiama is in total control and victory is ours. “