NLC calls workers to resist salary cut

The Nigeria Labour Congress on Tuesday called for protection of jobs and wages as the world economy suffered the effect of COVID-19, while also calling on workers to reject wage deduction by employers.

In a statement by the president of the NLC, Ayuba Wabba, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 2020 International Workers Memorial Workers’ Day, the union said, “ On this occasion, we make the point that labour is not a commodity to be taken, trampled, and tossed aside. Workers create wealth and demand a decent fraction of the reward of their efforts.

“In reciprocation of the enormous sacrifice made by workers, we urge employers of labour to show solidarity with the sacrifice of our workers and people by ensuring wage protection, income support and social inclusion at these trying times.

“This is not the time to stop or deduct from workers’ salaries. Such an action would be both illogical and illegal as workers’ salaries are core elements of employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements. We have asked our affiliates and state councils to resist any salary deduction on the account of Covid-19.”