LASEMA ad hoc staff complain bitterly as they’ve not been paid salary since November

LASEMA ad hoc staff are reportedly experiencing untold hardship having been owed their salaries since November 2018. To make matters worse, they are reportedly lacking the basics needed to carry out their jobs effectively.

LASEMA has a consulting firm called Avantgarde Management Services (AMS) – the same agency that managed Vision Scape. AMS manages the facilities and the staff who are not directly under the payroll of Lagos State Civil Service. The staff managed by AMS include; the ad hoc staff employed by LASEMA and the staff directly employed by AMS (some LASEMA drivers and call centre agents).

These LASEMA /LRU operation staff who are on the payroll of AMS have been owed salary for two months, a source close to the situation told LIB. The staff were not paid their October salary until late December. The salaries for November and December are still pending and staff are finding it hard to meet their needs.