KANU: Sowore, alongside Nnamdi Kanụ’s U.S based Attorney, Bruce Fein, Demands for the immediate & unconditional release of Mazị Nnamdị Kanụ

Sowore Says the Government should release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Immediately and unconditionally. He Exclaimed, “Let My People go”.

Sowore Says his call for the respect of Ijele’s constitution and human rights isn’t an attack on Kanu or an endorsement of Ijele’s Wishes of Death against Nnamdi Kanu

Val Frakas Mo’Fire Amadi, Omoyele Sowore, Bruce Fein & Rev Fr. Augustine OdimmegwaBruce Fein, Father Ọdịmmegwa




“All HANDS On Deck” declaration .


At a We4We MEDIA round table discussion in the U.S on the 31st of March, 2024, former Nigeria’s AAC (African Action Congress) and publisher of Sahara reporters, Omoyele Sowore, alongside Nnamdi Kanụ’s US based Attorney, Bruce Fein, calls for the Immediate and unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from detention in Nigeria.


Recall that Kanụ, the Leader of the indigenous People Of Biafra (I.P.O.B) had been extraordinarily renditioned to Nigeria from Kenya in June of 2021 and has remained in the custody of Nigeria’s secret police, the DSS, since then. The U.N had declared his abduction illegal and demanded that Nigeria frees him or face sanctions. The Nigerian high and Appeals Courts had also declared his detention illegal, stating that he cannot be ‘legally’ tried by Nigeria in Nigeria on the alleged offences. Several international bodies are now putting extra pressure on Nigeria to comply with the demands of the international community and it’s own Courts or face severe consequences.

Sowore, who was arrested and detained by the Nigerian authorities in 2019 recently saw the case against him thrown out of Court and he had just reunited with his family in the U S in March of 2024. While out on bail, as a show of support, Sowore always attended Kanu’s court hearings. He’s always illegally restricted by the authorities from going into the Courtroom but often camped outside to show his support for Kanụ. He had met Kanụ in New York in 2019, fueling allegations by the Buhari Government that they both had secret plans of instigating a revolution in Nigeria. This was stated by the authorities as one of their reasons for arresting Sowore later in 2019 as he got back to Nigeria.

Sowore was asked about his recent call for the release of a recently arrested Nigerian social media influencer, Chukwura Ọfọegbu (a k.a Ijele/Ijele Speaks) who had made no secret of his desires to see Mazi Nnamdi Kanụ die in prison. Though an Igbo man, Ijele is seen by many South Easterners and larger portions of Nigerians to be “anti Igbo” as he openly goes against Kanu and many other prominent and widely loved Igbos. He’s been accused of working for the DSS and Myetti Allah in spreading insecurity in the South East of Nigeria. He had also recently claimed on social media that he’s an owner of several cows. Cow rearing is a profession mostly undertaken by people of Fulani extraction from Northern Nigeria. Recently, there has been several atrocious acts of Murder, rape and ethnic cleansing reported against Fulani Cattle headsmen who invade farms and defenseless villages in Southern Nigeria, beheading, raping and mamimg innocent civilians who are mostly farmers.

Sowore said, “My position on human rights doesn’t have boundaries. If my enemy’s rights are violated, I’ll fight for him. If my friend’s rights are violated, I’ll fight for him also, with equal veracity. My target is injustice” . He further stated, “Ijele’s Wishes Of Death Against Kanụ Will not kill Kanụ” and added,

“If Nnamdi Kanụ were to be out today, he would fight for Ijele & everyone else”. He made it clear that his call for the respect of Ijele’s rights by the Nigerian State isn’t an attack on Kanụ or an approval of Ijele’s feelings about Kanụ.


Kanu’s lawyer, Bruce Fein, is a constitutional law expert and has represented Mazi Nnamdi Kanụ and the IPOB in various capacities for some years now. On one of his several visits to Nigeria and after being illegally refused entry into one of Kanu’s Court hearings, he was seen, alongside Sowore, who himself was also denied entry to the same Court hearing, protesting the tactics used by the authorities in keeping him away from the Courtroom and also demanding for the immediate and unconditional release of his Client, Kanụ.

Sowore and Fein who share a lot in common in terms of Social justice and demand for equity and fairness for all peoples around the world, were elated to be meeting each other once again. They both declared that it was a fruitful discussion, at the end of the media chat.

Rev. Father Augustine Ọdịmmegwa, a priest, a telecoms expert, a Professor, a freedom fighter and a People’s advocate, alongside some Southern Nigerian and IPOB leaders equally expressed satisfaction at the outcome of the round table.

Fr Ọdịmmegwa said, “The UN said, ‘this man committed no sin’. Mazị Nnamdi Kanụ is not an individual. He’s a cooperate personality, embracing the fate of millions of people and that is why we are fighting for him from outside world”.

On the expectations that Nigerian government might be turning a leaf, Fr Ọdịmmegwa stated, “I’m glad Sowore is here with us. Sunday Igbogho is home. That is the best way to start. You have to start somewhere to start cleaning up so people can start to say ‘oh. maybe there’s some semblance of change’.. Mazị Nnamdị must be freed”

” Val Friday Offor (Ebube Biafra), an IPOB leader in the US stated, “I’m happy to have witnessed this great meeting. It’s refreshing to see some of the best heavyweights coming together to demand for the release of our leader, Mazị Nnamdi Kanụ”

Bruce Fein on the need to sustaining international pressure on Nigeria to free Kanu, stated, “This has to be a daily effort. Pressure – psychological, moral, political pressure has got to be put on the country (Nigeria) every single day”

Val ‘Frakas Mo’fire’ Amadị, CEO of We4We Media and the events moderator expressed satisfaction in the “level of desire to serve and to help others in need..” that Sowore still possesses. He added, ” in 2019 when Sowore was abducted by Nigerian authorities, we, Val Friday Offor, Igwe Njem Ọnụmarah, Dr Ikem, Eberechi Okeke, JDM, myself and a many other Nigerians in America went to the United Nations and the Nigerian consulate seversl tines to demand for the release of Sowore because we believe in him and we knew how much passion he has in helping others. On getting to the protest grounds with Sowore’s wife and others, we met many other people of diverse backgrounds, whites, Chinese, Caribbeans, Indians, you name it, and these people all had very positive stuff to say about the man, Sowore. Now he’s a free man but not backing down and not playing selfish. He’s still out here, against all odds, and demanding for the release of people like Mazi Nnamdi Kanụ. Commendable.” .

Val Amadị added, “the message is clear and resounding: Mazi Nnamdị Kanụ’ must be free.”


“All Hands on deck” in solidarity with/ for Nnamdi Kanu


Sowore, Amadi, Fein, Ọdịmmegwa and Offor


Sowore and Val Frakas


Sowore, Frakas, Bruce & Rev Fr Odimmegwa