Japan tells the world it has been saying the name of it’s prime minister Abe Shinzo incorrectly 13-years after he took office

It has been revealed that the name of the Japanese Prime Minister has been said incorrectly for 13 years after he took office.


Following the coronation of Emperor Naruhito, he has ordered media and the rest of the world to call the leader they have known as Shinzo Abe by his right name, Abe Shinzo.

‘I plan to ask international media organisations to do this,’ Foriegn Minister Taro Kono said.

‘Domestic media outlets that have English services should consider it, too,’ the foreign minister added.


Education Minister, Masahiko Shibayama also said his department would encourage all government authorities to use family names first.


By Japanese convention, a person’s family name comes before their given name, just as in China or Korea – where foreign journalists seem have no problem getting the names of politicians and celebrities right, according to Daily Mail.