‘If I could speak to President Trump directly, I would tell him to “resign” – Former Secretary of State, John Kerry

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has said that if he could speak to President Donald Trump directly, he would tell him to “resign.”

He was asked by CNBC’s Tania Bryer during a World Economic Forum panel in Davos, Switzerland, what he would convey to Trump and Kerry replied, “I can’t play that because he doesn’t take any of this seriously. He doesn’t have an ability to have that kind of conversation.” When pressed on what his message to the President would be, Kerry responded, “Resign“.


Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, also criticized Trump for “his insane decision” to pull out of the Paris climate accord in June 2017, for which “people will die. I wish there was a lawsuit capacity that could hold people liable for such an insane decision as he has made, which is going to cost lives. People will die because of the President’s decision, and billions of dollars of damage will be done to property” he said.


Kerry also accused Trump of lying about the consequences of pulling out of the accord. Trump claimed at the time that he was leaving to pursue “fair treatment” and so that foreign leaders would no longer “laugh at us. I’m disappointed when a president of the United States lies, and that was a lie there’s no burden,” said Kerry, who was secretary of state during President Barack Obama’s second term. “Paris did not place outside burdens levied by any other country on any other country.”