Adriel Tamunobelema Ivie Godswill Inimgba was born in  Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria on October 8 2018 and was dedicated to Christ on January 8,  2019.

Here’s a video of the dedication ceremony,

Both Parents, Godswill (A director @ We4We TV, New York, New York. USA) and Mary Inimgba (a community outreach agent with We4We TV Nigeria) expressed gratitude to God almighty for making the event a success and also to the attendees for making it a grande event.

Baby Belema, Godswill & Mary Inimgba

We4We Reporter, Theophilus Amadi caught up  with a highly excited Mary and joked about the next pregnancy being a set of twins. Mary jokingly replied  “ehhh. Abeg ooohh, not just twins but triplets..hahahahaha. Na you go help me babysit?” Godswill expressed concern about the future of Nigeria and what it holds for future generations.  He said “I want a Nigeria where my daughter would grow up safe, with good schools and basic amenities in place. A Nigeria where our leaders would put the people first before their personal interests …”

Baby Adriel Belema Inimgba

Godswill believes fatherhood has changed him a lot in a positive sense. He joked that He’s a better soccer player after having Belema but Igwe Nkem Onumarah (Leader of the Igbo Solidarity Movement &  a We4We TV director) and Val Frakas Mo’Fire Amadi (We4WeREPORTS.com publisher/We4We media founder) who co-own Bridgeboys FC (a Semi pro soccer team in New York, New York) with Godswill Inimgba jokingly disagreed, saying that Godswill has actually lost some soccer touches after becoming a father.

Godswill Inimgba

Ike Mombilly Nze, George Bush Amadi, Georgina Amadi, Engr GoodFriday Ugochukwu Okoro, Fortune Chituru Amadi and Confidence Iheanacho were among other We4We TV, We4WeREPORTS.com & Val Amadi Foundation employees who graced the occasion.

Godswill promises an even bigger celebration for the baby’s second birthday.  What a lucky baby!

Good will wishes, once again to baby Adriel Belema Inimgba.

Godswill & Mary Inimgba