The man was alleged to have been apprehended and deported by the Ghanaian Immigration services.

Nigerian man allegedly Printed his own high Quality Ghanaian Currency. Others and he were rounded up and deported by the Ghanaian immigration..Naija na wah..

Watch the video here


The bills shown are minty fresh.  Some people think China shares some of the blame for making and selling to individuals some of these Ultra High quality Currency Printing machines that print even better than most countries’ CENTRAL BANKS.

We reached out to the Chinese commerce and exportation department for comments and they said all products exported from China must meet certain export criteria and that if individuals commit crimes with consumer goods otherwise meant for the good of the people, the Manufacturer and  China should never be held responsible. They also added that most consumer countries do have certain regulations that restrict certain consumer goods from going in the hands of individuals.

The Ghanaian import and customs service believe such materials would not have been cleared for individual uses and so must have been smuggled .


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