DR NELSON ALUYA talks on “The Value Of Hybrid Education for the African Child”

Nigerian Born, US based Dr. Nelson Aluya delivered a speech on the Value of Hybrid Education for the African Child on 04/28/19

Dr Nelson Aluya

Dr Nelson Aluya’s speech at the just concluded African Family Cultural Festival in New York, New York, USA on Sunday April 28, 2019 has been well received amongst the African intelligentsia, the average labour oriented people, the youth and many social media users. He breaks down the challenges an average family faces while educating their child in the Diaspora and tables out the importance and value of Hybrid Education in the life of an African Child.

The event was organized by the Universal Peace Federation USA

Here’s the video

A quote from the speech (“Life is sweet when you are happy but life is complete when others are happy because of you” – Dr. Nelson Aluya) has gone super viral and making rounds in several mainstream and social media discussions.

Though Dr Nelson Aluya is a trained pediatrician, an internal medicine practitioner and a professor of Medicine at the Rutgers University’s New Jersey Medical School, he’s written and spoken widely on issues patterning to social justice, philosophy, Sociology, Socio-political and economic reforms. He’s also written, spoken extensively and received several awards on issues concerning women and the upliftment of the girl Child in the society.

Dr Nelson Aluya



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