CSO to mobilize youths for democratic accountability

A civil society group, #OurMumuDonDo, led by popular musician, Charly boy, said it would mobilize youths to effect a positive social change in the country, pledging to enlist youthful energy, values, and visions to advocate for freedom, equality, and prosperity for the people.

The group with support from the Ford Foundation said it would unveil the Nigerian Social Contract Initiative in Abuja on Monday, designed to enlighten the citizens about Nigeria’s democratic process as well as transfer the ownership of the democratic process to the citizens.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja on Friday, Charly boy said the pro-democracy group would sensitise the electorate and reconstruct their engagement with the democratic process as the “real owners of government and the Nigerian project.”

He said, “It is in line with the 2019 general elections in Nigeria that the social contract is being proposed as a model for reviewing and determining the commitment of politicians and political parties in the Nigerian polity.

“With this social contract initiative, we intend to improve citizens’ participation in the democratic process as well as increase the trust of the electorates in Nigeria’s electoral process.”

According to the activist, the Nigerian Social Contract Initiative was informed by the realization that there was insufficient information on youth and citizens’ knowledge and engagement with the social contract as a tool for promoting good governance in Nigeria.

As an organization advocating for social change, Charly boy said for there to be a stable and progressive society, there must be some established norms guiding the relationship between the people and the government.

“These established norms will define mutual obligations between the people and their leaders at the national and subnational levels of government. These mutual obligations will form the nucleus of the agreement that we call the social contract,” he explained.