COVID-19: Why I like The Corona Viris, Covid-19 – Willie Amadi

Bar Willie Amadi

Why I like the Corona Virus, Covid 19

– Bar Willie Amadi

The world was moving fast and strange things were happening with twice the speed of sound. There seems to be nobody in charge except men of power and fame of the G7 nations followed by the developing nations like Nigeria and then the BANG – CORONA VIRUS in China. The world fell apart and the CENTER cannot hold since then despite spirited efforts by humanity from diverse expert orientation.

COVID-19 appears to have put so many myths, lies and assumptions to shame and finally, in their natural and proper perspectives. This has violently awakened us from slumber and reminded us that the Landlord and owner of the universe is angry with humanity.


Since the emergence of COVID-19 particularly in Nigeria, have you heard about the daily man made menace of kidnapping, boko harram insurgence and herdsmen attacks in Nigeria ? Let us take a trip into some realities of life and events namely,


Where are our fire spitting, healing and prophetic men of God of all denominations in Nigeria, particularly the Pentecostal Movements in Nigeria? Can they rise to the occasion, now that the nation and people and children of God needs salvation, deliverance, healing of COVID-19 and casting of ancestral curses and delayed destiny including the 5 times a day prayers and fasting by the Moslem faith ?


Where are the G-7 world powers ? Where are the Nigerian Excellencies, Distinguished Senators and the Rt. Honorables, Army Generals etc, etc ? What about the long and endless siren blasting convoys, sometimes with empty occupants and gun trotting masked mobile police men pushing the weak and vulnerable citizens into the gutter in order to pierce through traffic gridlock occasioned by bad roads of which contract monies were out rightly embezzled, misappropriated and or misapplied by the ruling class ? Why have they dodged and are in self Isolation or under medical quarantine. This time it appears that the police ordely cannot prevent Oga CORO from embracing them. Suprisingnly going by the world precedence of British PM Boris, Prince Charles, Canadian PM’s wife and in Nigeria, Chief of staff to the President, Abba Kyarri and Governor of Bauchi. Oga CORO is seriously searching for the oppressors and operators.Rich kids are not spared as in the son of former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar. It looks like spiritually, the cure of COVID-19 is poverty.

It is interesting to know that Bail is now really free in Nigeria. The Inspector-General of Police last week directed immediate evacuation of suspects and illegal detainees in all police cells across the country within one hour. He equally ordered that no citizen should visit the Police Force Headquarters Abuja. Interesting times! I thought that “Police is your friend”

The last hope of the common man and the infallible courts and men are on the run with the ministers in the temple of Justice. Imagine if Oga CORO emerged before the 60 and 180 days timelines for disposal of election petition matters, citing Onoghen’s, CJN, as he then was “Rock of Gilbrata”, it means that parties who won at the Court of Appeal would have been final winners without appeal to the Supreme Court by the losers in the case of Presidential and Governorship elections as they would have been shut out because of the combined effect of being functus officio and the Lockdown order by Oga Tanko. Hmmm !!!
Alarm for blow ooh ?

The Medical, the Academia and the Labour who were on needless and senseless strike has been stricken by Oga CORO to their knees. Who say MEN no dey!!!

Bar Willie Amadi



How about the myriad of excuses by randy couples and relationship manipulators using their occupation and advantages as a tool of evading and or avoiding domestic sexual obligations. Excuses are abound i e “Honey, I am in a meeting “. “Darling, we are meeting with the Governor tonight by 9pm, I will be home late.” “Daddy, We are attending a conference this weekend ” etc, etc. God don catch all of you. Oga CORO don bring you face to face with Madam everyday 6am-6am. You must do and enjoy madam, the wife of your youth! “I am tired” excuses no go work during the restful stay at home directive by Oga CORO?.
THIIS WHY I LIKE COVID-19, my Oga on TOP. !!!

Side Chicks, Sugar Daddies and mistresses how far now ? Honestly, I pity the oldest profession in the world. The prostitutes and prostitution. My father told me while growing up that “When there is no contact, there is conflict” Prostitution is the only “bussy body” business you cannot transact without contact. The only remedy is phone sex but who gains? This brings me to the only 3-digit profit thriving business – SOCIAL MEDIA, the calls, sms, WhatsApp and internet services are the seller’s market two, four, seven. We now spend 50% very precious time on this new found love and occupation apart from sleeping and watching dstv channels when there is power.



The driver is equal to the owner of the car sitting at the back. His Excellency, Distinguished Senator, Rt.Honorable are all equal to my people, my people. The G7 nations are equal to the developing nations. The Bishops, Pastors, Prophets, Imam are all equal to the congregation and their believers. The kidnappers, Herdsmen, Armed Robbers and Boko Haram are all equal to the poor victims. All of the above including many not listed here for lack of space and time are obediently loyal to Oga CORO. COVID-19. THIS IS WHY I LIKE CORONA VIRUS ???.



I will do this tomorrow. I will be this tomorrow. I will go this place Tomorrow. I will tell him off tomorrow., etc, etc is – VANITY upon VANITY !!!

2. The vanity of POWER, FAME and WEALTH by world leaders, men and women in high places and the privileged few are graces of the Almighty Jehovah God. Just imagine how one out of millions of viruses reminded us of Achebe’s ” THINGS FALL APART “. The center, being the world cannot hold. Nations after nations are on lockdown. No flights to anywhere. No work except the essentials. Not even a handshake or hugs. Kissing is is Suicide ?. Sneezing does not attract compliments of “Bless you” but rather violent attack and same with natural cough. What a world!!!.

3. Where are the private Jets, the Presidential fleets, the Yacht, the Rolls Royce’s, the most beautiful girls [MBGS], the celebrities, the former this and that, the 5- Star country homes with Olympic size swimming pools, the choice Buffett, champagne, whiskey, cognac, wines, small chops and deserts etc, etc?. What of the well stuffed wardrobes with designer wears and fire proof cabinets stocked with jewellery with 10-carat gold diamond studs ?


THERE IS NO WHERE TO RUN TO with all you have accumulated here on earth except your soul, So repent and seek the face of God. The end and appointed time is here. You either make Heaven or hell ⚰. The choice is yours today ?

Visit any Hand Washing Church nearest to you or call or WhatsApp +2348033322050, for inquiries and counseling.


GOD is still GOD and MAN is just MAN.

AJUZIEOGU LODGE, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Bar Willie Amadi (Ụkwa Achịaka Ya agba na Owerri) is a highly saught after legal practitioner, a people’s rights advocate, a political consultant and a federal Commissioner with the Public Complains Commission._


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