COVID-19 lockdown: Buhari told to open churches across Nigeria

Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa has again called on President Muhammadu Buhari to reopen churches for true believers to fellowship and worship.

Giwa, in a statement he personally signed and forwarded to WE4WE REPORTS on Tuesday, said only the lukewarm Christians would support the closure of churches.

He said, “I write in my continued effort to recommend that President Muhammadu Buhari should reopen churches across the country.

“It is very unfortunate that most Nigerian Pastors, as well as Pastors around the globe have misused and abused God’s sheep to their selfish and wicked gains.

“This explains why most Nigerians are against reopening churches. I empathize with the poor whose last pennies have been sucked out of their pockets by mercenaries in the name of Pastors. I want to believe that God allowed this ‘man and devil’ imposed pandemic to occur to expose agents of the devil found in His House.

“That said, God’s church still houses true and faithful Christians who fellowship to worship Jehovah, the creator of you, me and the entire universe. He is way bigger than COVID-19 and we need the church open to enable us come together to plead for His mercy and healing.

“There is power in numbers and even a fool understands this very basic tenet. The demons behind COVID-19 understand this basic principle and that is why their first line of action was to clamp down on the church.

“When you scatter God’s sheep, you weaken their ability to jointly call on their father. Creators of COVID-19 use divide and conquer principle to maintain control of people and establish fear in them.

“Not only are God’s sheep denied the opportunity to praise and worship together, they are isolated with no money on which to fend.

“How come the president and his cabinet still meet? How come presidential pets who join in looting the nation’s money still meet with their colleagues to generate rules that are designed to hurt the weak and the poor? Are they immune to coronavirus?

“The House of God remains Holy even when there are thieves called Pastors in them. God is all seeing and all powerful and there is no doubt that He will judge fake Pastors at His appointed time.

“Make no mistake about that! Christians, on the other hand, should know better than giving their money to Pastors who buy private jets, fancy cars, houses, etc. Please review my previous statements against such pastors.

“Again, the House of God is Holy and cannot be compared to individuals. Because this is not a book, I cease this moment to direct those against the opening of God’s church to the old and new Testaments where Our Father and His son explain the essence of Jehovah’s Church.

“God’s House comes first before schools, hospitals, and what have you. President John Magufuli of Tanzania knows this little secret and he refuses to close churches and mosques in his country. If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed you can move any mountain.

“That grain of mustard seed-faith is nurtured and nourished in the House of God. Unfortunately, human treachery believes that schools and other human inventions don’t need God to function (How ridiculous).

“This explains my emphasis on wanting the house of God open for true believers of God. The Psalmist says in 84:10 and I quote,, “Better is one day in your court than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a door keeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked ”

“Also, Abraham was able to persuade God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if only he could find ten righteous people in the city. Additionally, the only time Jesus visibly displayed anger in the Bible was when he went to Jerusalem in the temple Court and found people selling and buying goods. In John 2:16, Jesus emphatically said, Stop turning my Father’s House into a market place.

“I say to you, please keep the House of God open for true believers to go in and worship. It was at the temple of God that Jesus made his debut appearance at the age of 12 and He subsequently moved about to other regions.

“I will not banter words with people who have traded their souls for money. Neither will I back down because of the damage caused by fake Pastors.

“I am not fake and will not be bullied into silence. I am able to share my thoughts with you because of God’s Grace. I live because God lives and because He lives, I hope to face tomorrow. Keep the House of God open and the unjustified isolation centers will have no need for existence!.”