Canada’s largest province says US blocked delivery of three million masks

The premier of Ontario, Canada’s largest province, on Monday said the United States had blocked the delivery of three million face masks designed to help fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Reuters reports that Doug Ford told Global News the incident had happened over the weekend and described it as “absolutely unacceptable”. He also said the province’s stock of personal protective equipment would run out in a week.

Countries and territories have recorded 1,292,564 coronavirus cases and 70,798 deaths worldwide since China recorded its first cases in December.

The United States has recorded over 338,995 cases; and 9,683 deaths.

Allies of the United States are complaining about what they call its “Wild West” tactics in outbidding or blocking shipments to buyers who have already signed deals for medical equipment.

U.S. President Donald Trump has asked manufacturing firm 3M Co to pause the exports of domestically-produced respirator masks to Canada and some Latin American countries.