Bobrisky is embarrassing Nigeria – Runsewe

The Director-General of the National Council for Arts and Culture, Olusegun Runsewe, on Friday described controversial cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, as “an embarrassment to this country”.

Two weeks ago, Runsewe condemned Bobrisky, saying if nothing was done to stop the celebrity immediately, it might be too late.

But Bobrisky took his Instagram account five days later to dare Runsewe.

The cross-dresser said, “I heard someone in government talk about me a few days ago. Please, tell him I’m waiting for him. It’s then he will know that I roll with his bosses in government, not someone at his level. So, he left serious issues in Nigeria to address Bobrisky.”

The police last Saturday stormed the venue for  Bobrisky’s 28th birthday party at The Pearl Gardens, Lekki, Lagos, with several arrests making reportedly made.

The celebrity lamented on his Instagram page that the money spent on the party had gone down the drain, including what appeared to be a lavish seven-tier cake.

But Runsewe, who spoke on Platform, a programme of the Nigerian Television Authority,  on Friday,   said the money spent on Bobrisky’s birthday had been wasted.

The interviewer had asked Runsewe to comment on the conceivably funny statement made by “a particular character” on social media after the NCAC boss had reprimanded him “for behaving in a certain manner”.

He said, “I am sure you are referring to Bobrisky. That is a national disaster. He is an embarrassment to this country. He said he deals with my bosses but that is for yesterday. Today, if he deals with my bosses, when his party was to take place on Saturday, why didn’t he call my bosses to tell me to open the door?

“We dropped the whole thing and all the food was a waste because he thought he was dealing with the Nigerians of yesterday. A change has come and there must be a new vision for this great country.

“We are going to issue a statement very soon. If we catch anybody on the street disgracing this country, there is law and order in this country. He was only dropping names. He knows nobody. That statement he made is enough to destroy the credibility of our country.”