Biafra group warns Yorubas, tells Igbos next action in Lagos

The Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL has called on Igbos in Lagos State to wage war against Yoruba leaders over violence during the presidential elections in the state.

The Biafra group condemning the attacks against Igbos in Lagos, called on leaders to calm the situation in Lagos to avoid war in the state.

The group further urged the Igbo population in Lagos to wage a fight back on the APC supporters of Yorubas if they refused to calm violence in the state.

The statement read in part: “I think it is foolish of Southerners to fight and die for two northern brothers; the Western Leaders should calm the situation in if they don’t want war in Lagos.

“Igbos and other tribes from the east should wage a fight back if the attacks continue.

“No tribe can push the Igbo away from areas they and occupy and developed.”