50 countries for Abuja insurgency, banditry summit

No fewer than  50 African countries will be  represented at  a security summit in Abuja on June 19.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja  on Monday, a former Minister of Interior and one of the chief conveners of the event, Gen Abdullahi Mamman, said President Muhammadu Buhari would declare the summit open.

Mamman  said  the  summit would seek “innovative and proactive security measures” to the security challenges facing Nigeria.

The summit is organised by the military in conjunction with a group, Global Initiative for Leadership Success.

The retired general  said, “The continued demand for more inclusive, robust and innovative measures towards meeting the challenges and threats posed by both symmetric and asymmetric warfare remain the  grounds  which our armed forces must collaborate for a safe Africa.

“We expect the Chief of the Defence Staff to give us a preview of the security situation since he came on board and why from their own perspectives, the challenges are defying all the strategies put in place.”

Mamman added, “Information is a major contributory factor in fighting any war. We have asked the three services in the military to be a part of the summit.”

When asked if the service chiefs should continue in office, despite the growing insecurity in the country,  he  said, “I wish I were Mr President. If you asked me, I would have told you I would change them in no distant future.

“I never envisaged that we would have insecurity of this magnitude that we are facing. We were less prepared for it. But if you meet the service chiefs, some revelations are startling. We need to differentiate between an appropriation and a war budget.”