VIDEO – Breaking News – Fulani Herdsmen Overrun Mbaise, Imo State

Herdsmen refused Mbaise, Imo State Villagers’ orders to quietly move their cows that destroyed vegetation and their farmland on Tuesday,  June 18, 2019

Herdsman Arguing with a local Mbaise Resident

Residents of Aboh Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria were shocked as they were practically overrun by fulani herdsmen and their cows in the early hours of Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

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From one of the videos making rounds, residents could be seen appealing to a herdsman to quietly move his cows out of the area but he adamantly refused to heed to their pleas and instead asked them to wait, that he wouldn’t move an inch until the “Ọga” comes. He exhibited a stocking amount of confidence that perplexed some of the onlooking residents. Cash crops,  plants and even garden ridges were destroyed by the cows. reporters were able to interview a few residents about the incident. Mazi Anthony Ugwu, a local resident said, “This government wants to render us powerless. That’s why they made this new law to take away our guns so that we would be defenseless in the face of these rats that carry A.K 47 guns”.

It was reported that the residents called the police but the police said they couldn’t do much because the D.P.O was not available to reach out to the commissioner who would give out orders to arrest the assailants or intervene in the matter. The residents believe that the structure of the police command and control chain has contributed immensely to the attacks by the herdsmen since the police only acts after a long chain of bureaucratic checklists are performed.

It was reported that the herdsmen later moved out after a crowd gathered and some vigilante operatives mandated them to leave. They threatened to come back at night and kill everyone in the village, it was reported. One of the vigilante leads, Uche Nworgu said, “We are ready for them. We are keeping vigil tonight and the rest of the week and would match them power for power. We are sick and tired of them terrorizing us and the government not doing anything about it.” It was also reported that the vigilante group has reached out to and solicited the help of the B.S.M.S (Biafran Special Military Squad), an IPOB affiliate or arm that does volunteer Vigilante and protective services in hotspot areas, they say, “throughout Biafraland”. They say the B.S.M.S is feared by the herdsmen because of their approach,tactics and dedication to service.

Iyke Mombilly Nzeh, Goodfriday Ugochukwu Okoro and Fortune Chituru Amadi contributed to this report.

A Fulani herdsman